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SO GOOD TO BE BACK - x rated

It has been along time. It has been a difficult time. It has been a time like we have never known before and it has been about time we got back together again and started to 'live again.'
Hamilton Hall re opens.

and below are some pictures of guys who have been helping us around Hamilton Hall with some of the many tasks we have undergone. Now - check out the pictures and realise, I am slightly exagerating.

Here we are doing the laundry.

Here we are sorting all the laundry.

and doing the cleaning ...

Tons of trips to B&Q to get paint, sandpaper, and all the stuff needed for our upgrade.

and getting a decent bulder can be so hard - they are all so in demand and - to be honest, I can see why ...

This builder forgot his tape measure and used his 9inch 23cm dick to make sure he was measuring everything accurately. I was going to offer him a tape measure but decided I coudn't find it - after hiding it, as the show was so good.

and then we stock up on goodies to eat ...

sorting out our supply of drinks

Some guests drive down

while others take the train to Bournemouth

Some come in their camper vans and others bring their caravan.

Some of our guests like to jog in the mornings - while -

while others prefer to stay in bed and chill...

and all to help us celebrate being here for you for 21 years

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