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social media spoiled brat you so want to slap

Click above to watch the most excruciating YouTube influencer ( her world ) as she absolutely sends the worst message of millennials who feel entitled - it makes me absolutely cringe...

It has been a very long time since I wanted to slap someone hard and the girl in this video makes me want to slap her hard and wake her up to the reality of just how vile she is... Let me know what you think ?

On an LGBT cruise I took a few years ago, ( all much much younger than myself.,.. I was Grandad amongst a sea of nubile LGBT - ) in the elevator one day - a group of 4 German and 5 Spanish young queens were talking ( in English ) about their social media followers and when one said he had 20,000 followers, another said that was so low and how he wasn't going to talk with him any more as he wasn't well known enough on social media - and my gob was open so fast and I BARKED LOUDLY and stated

' How many of those people on social media do you actually know - NONE OF THEM, so get off the fucking internet and go out and meet some real people and they will be you friends not the assholes on social media, you pretentious faggot.'

and I ended my little tirade by saying

' How shallow are you. Dear God how shallow. You may be cute dear but that's all there is to you. An empty shallow faggot.'

and I just stood and stared at him full face - and he absolutely had no idea how to respond - he was completely lost for words as was everyone else in the elevator - and silence descended instantly there was no air in the elevator after that and while they probably though I was the devil, I WAS RIGHT and I LOVED the uncomfortable atmosphere in the elevator after that as I just stood and stared at them - full face - eye to eye which he kept avoiding - and none were man enough - mature enough - ballsee enough to ' take me on' and reply as - like many - they fear face to face confrontation with anyone as 80% of millennials are fearful of face to face interaction as they are only use to talking ' on line' - hence no one was brave enough to say anything, SO I JUST STOOD THERE STARING AT THEM and they withered.

I turned to the friend I was with and just said - more mumbled to my friend but loud enough to still be heard -

'Dear God the gay scene is full of these vile faggots. Shameful behaviour and attitude, truly shameful and its people of my age group who fought to gain these queens the equality they now enjoy and look at the mess they make of it. ' These people have no idea at all, no idea...' and I turned and just stared at the main vile faggot when I said ' No idea - no idea at all.'

and I absolutely didn't care as I held his stare of hatred towards me until he got all flustered and looked away. They couldn't escape ( still in the elevator ) and nor did any of them have the guts to speak back at me - they just mumbled amongst themselves and said nothing.

( There are some advantages to being much older than them, for I am a lot wiser, more mature, been around the block more times than THEIR PARENTS have had hot dinners and I am not - more to the point - afraid of fools like them and as the expression goes -

'I am wise enough to suck them in and blow them out in bubbles.' )

and another nice thing, I am richer ( because I am older, wiser and have worked hard to get where I am ) and better placed than many of them, so I don't need them, I don't need their attitude and they are nothing to me... so fuck 'em.


I dislike these people with a fucked up entitled attitude that feel so ' insulted' and are absolute SNOWFLAKES and yet don't even know how to spell the word.

Some people you just want to slap and wake up and anyone claiming ' slapping someone is illegal ' - just bugger off as YOU are also part of the problem.

Sadly, the next generation of LGBT are going to be the worst people imaginable. Feeling entitled to anything, they are going to - one day - come crashing down to earth with a mighty bang when they realise the world does not give a damn for people like them and unless they work hard and be nice to people, they are going to end up very lonely and other than ' on line friends' - will have no social life at all and are doomed to learning nothing.

Thank God I know how - and am not shy - to speak to people;- strangers in the street;- doctors in hospitals;- people walking their dogs - lawyers, trash collectors, women behind the till in Asda, you Mother, the Pope and just about anyone and everyone whereas - these entitled brats, NO IDEA HOW TO COMMUNICATE - LIVE AND FACE TO FACE AND NOT RECORDED - no idea how to be in the real world and I do wonder how they are in the real world, and I was about to find out.

Later at lunch a table full of other entitled people sitting next to us were really quiet about something as if no one knew what to say or do - and I could feel the uncomfortableness oozing from the table next to us and everyone was looking very down and after listening in for a while, it seemed one guy was bereaved as this was the first time back on this same ship since his lover had died a year earlier and they had enjoyed a cruise the year before and he was suffering - and not a soul around him knew what to say or do or anything, they were lost - scared of a genuine emotional outburst - they could not cope with.

So I donned my Bereavement Counselors Hat ( imaginary l ) and I joined in the conversation with some very easy questions and points to mention and he was so grateful someone knew what to say other than just sit and stare in dumb silence at him having his emotional meltdown.

As soon as I took an interest - the others fled using this as an excuse to leave as they were scared shitless and had no idea how to respond. I spoke with him for a couple of hours as I saw a man in pain and helped - took some time out of my otherwise empty day to help someone in emotional need - and I will always do that - and he brightened up. I saw him later in one of the bars and he came over straight away and bought me a drink and we chatted for a while and watched the show and he hung around the people I was with and cheered up.

He was lovely, just in need of a little help and guidance and most of all, SOMEONE WHO HEARD AND FELT HIS PAIN - HIS GRIEF - HIS STORY - and all too often, that is all that is needed, some empathy - some understanding and most of all, to know he has been heard and that someone acknowledges and appreciates.

Thank God I am not a millennial.

These people will destroy and not build.

They will pull apart and not construct.

They will deny rather then be truthful. They think they have rights - when rights have to be earned and they HAVE NOT paid the price for such arrogance.

Sometimes I just want to bitch slap them hard.

John Bellamy


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