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some people are too stupid to breath.

A GREEN Party peer said she has received 'positive feedback' after suggesting a 6pm curfew for men should be introduced.


Baroness Jones, who lives in Cerne Abbas, made the suggestion during a speech in the House of Lords this week as police continued to investigate the death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard who vanished as she walked home in south London.

The peer accused the Metropolitan Police of victim blaming in their initial advice to women to not go out alone in the wake of Miss Everard's disappearance. Police confirmed yesterday a body found in Kent woodland was that of Miss Everard. A serving Metropolitan Police officer remains in custody having been held on suspicion of her kidnap and murder. The events have reignited the debate about the safety of women.

Baroness Jones said she was glad she raised the issue of a curfew for men, something she said would "make women a lot safer". It came as the Lords debated domestic abuse legislation.

The peer said: "I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from both women and men. The debate is changing and it is great to see people coming together. "There is little understanding amongst a lot of men about the victim-blaming culture.

"There are a lot of men out there who can’t cope with this upside down world where the starting point of a conversation about women’s safety is the problem of violent and misogynistic men. "This is not to say that all men are monsters, but women understand that some men are capable of rape, sexual assault and violence. "As of Friday, six women and a little girl have been killed since Sarah Everard disappeared."


ness Jones said a survey out this week found 97 per cent of women aged 18-24 said they had been sexually harassed, while 80 per cent of all women had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces. "This is way more widespread than men like to own up to," she said.

"We need to deal with domestic abuse and what children experience in their home environments, which is what the Lords has been discussing productively for the last few weeks. "We need to deal with the entire failure of the police and criminal justice system in dealing with rape – a 1 per cent success rate for any other crime would have been dealt with years ago. Above all we need to make misogyny a hate crime and start to change the culture that seeks to keep women ‘in their place’ with abuse and intimidation." "If anyone is being advised to stay at home it should be men, not women."


John Bellamy Comments: Do you think this women, this Baroness, thought to actually THINK THROUGH the ramification of all men being made to be indoors by 6pm for a curfew so women can feel safe.

I ask you, what kind of brainless mind - what kind of cretinious person - what kind of absolute moron thinks to actually voice this aloud and not keep such stupidity to themselves realising it is a unintelligent thing to suggest under just about ANY circumstances.

I am not even going to go into detals about all the jobs and the inconvenience and how the country would grind to a halt, things would sky rocket in price and women would be no more safe than they are now, and sorry for the women who got murdered, BUT IT WAS A POLICEMAN WHO - IT APPEARS - DID THE DIRTY - SO MAYBE WE SHOULD LOCK UP ALL MALE POLICEMEN AND THEN - FOR CERTAIN - THIS WOMEN WOULD STILL BE ALIVE BUT CRIME RATES WOULD SOAR.

Tens of thousands of men are abused by their female partner every year. It is NOT all men who do the abusing.

Same with child abuse and pedophilia, women are just as guilty and it is NOT all men. Women only got into Fred Wests car because his wife was in the car and they felt safe with another women being present, little did thay know she was just as murderous as her husband.

Trouble is, men

are a lot less likely to report this as it makes then look less of a man to admit to being abused by a women and DO NOT TELL ME THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN WHEN IT DOES.


hen : Let's look at the emotional abuse MANY men live with and experience on a daily basis from their wives NOT offring an emotional sexual relationship, but just one where they want your seed and your baby and then they don't give a damn for the husband, he is just there to pay the bills, and I know women will fight against this, BUT IS TRUE. Over the years I have heasr HUINDREDS of stories of abuse from women towards the men, hundreds, in an assortment of ways and when caught out on the abuse many turn on the tears and play the victim role and get away with it.

One friend a few years ago- his wife had a miscarriage and for weeks after she rode the sympathy wagon anywhere and everywhere, pulling in sympathy for the loss of a child. When I spoke with her husband the first thing I asked him was how he was with the loss of his child, and he just burst into tears. It seemed not one single person in the period after the death - not one person had bothered to ask how he was coping, it was all about his wife and how was she, and how he had to be strong for her and be there for her and so forth and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON had thought about how this death had affected him, the Father, the man of the house, who was expected to be there for her in her loss, and yet - he had also lost a child, he was also in grief, yet not one single person thought about what he was going through until I asked, and we spoke for an hour after that about HIM, and not her - as she had everyone else wrapped around her little finger with her ' Poor me - Poor me ' routine and never - ever - gave her own husband a single thought in all of the tears and sadness.

MANY men complain about a complete lack of sexuality from their wives and zero affection and if the man goes astray and finds some pussy somewhere else because wifey aint coming across, then he will loose the house, the car, the kids and end up living in a bed-sit ( studio ) while paying the mortgage for Refrigerator Wife to live in comfort yet this would not be the way if she had been more able to see that any relationship GOES TWO WAYS and you cannot just take what you want and ignore the partners wishes. The abuse goes two ways and some women play that victim culture - they play those manipulative games and they also load the gun and expect someone else to fire it, usually a man - and Baroness Moron is foolish to open her gob and state such a ridiculous thing as she clearly has not looked into this and seen it through and realised her foolish, absolute foolish thoughts.

It is actually more what I would expect from an American politician and not from someone within the UK - as we kinda expect stupidity from the Americans in power ( after Bush and Trump ) and as much as Boris's waffling annoys me, he is still someone who at least thinks before coming out with dumb things like Baron Moron has done here.

Foolish and just trouble making, especially as it now seems to have been a policeman who anyone would have trusted.

Baroness Jones, you are a foolish stupid old women who needs to bow out of the public arena and keep your irresponsible thought to your self. You are dangerous and many anyone around you cringe with embarrasment that - like Trump and his injecting bleach - the whole fucking world can see this is a dumb idea yet you actually open your mouth and speak this garbage, this tripe, this load of verbal nonesense - publicly - and that just makes me cringe and look toewards you with - bewilderment - tht clearly you either need to take your dementia medication or you at least need to think before you speak in future and / or maybe ask your carer to keep you away from any oublic forum in future as all you have done is make yourself look so foolish and for an old women, is that what you want your life to come down to, being remembered as a foolish dangerous old bat - being bigoted against men.


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