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Something sweet and thoughtful.

Somethings in life shock us - astound us - amuse us, thrill and even make us cry in sorrow or in joy. In a world going - not so slowly mad - here are a few things to annoy, amuse, make you tear over and even maybe - laugh.

During a 10-hour flight, she was heading from Seoul, Korea, to San Francisco, USA. This mother distributed more than 200 passengers on the plane a plastic bag for each one. The bag contains candy, chewing gum and earplugs as a kind of advance apology for using them in the event that her 4-month-old baby screamed during the flight.

The bag also contained a message containing (hello, I am Jan Woo. I am 4 months old and today I'm traveling America with my mom and grandmother for my aunt's outfit. I'm a little nervous and scared. This is my first flight in my life. It's normal for me to cry or cause some disturbance. I'll try to stay calm, but I can't promise you. Please use it if my voice gets too loud.. Enjoy your trip. Thank you)

A culture of respecting the freedom of others....

I loved this first one above and when I read it, I did tear over as it was so thoughtful and considerate - which is so much more than many offer. Well done to that Mother. Top marks.




When you threaten children with a gun, you deserve all you got. The looks of tears on their faces is more feeling sorry for themselves than for what they did. I truly do not understand why people hate - and why they cannot accept - as we all breath and shit and piss and fornicate and eat and eventually die - all of us are equal and it astounds how some see things differently - clearly out of bad education and ignorance - oh and the church... they have their bigoted hands in there as well.

These sweet little fawn would normally be frightened of a bobcat yet in times of need, they pull together for survival. Shame humans did not do the same.

More next week.



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