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Hamilton Hall Hotel Exclusively MEN ONLY and covering Sexual, Self and Spiritual Development

of Mind, Body and Soul and is the only such venue anywhere on the planet. HAMILTON HALL HOME PAGE

Book and fully pay for any 7 day period for June, July and August 2021
and SAVE 50%

Prices quoted here are for Bed & Breakfast. Dinner is available at £15 per night - SAVING £10 on our usual price

priced below for 7 night stay

Single : £375 - NOW £187.50
Double : £600 - NOW £300
Super King : £750 - NOW £375
You only have until Wednesday 31st March 2021 to take advantage of this wonderful saving.

Phone 01202-399227 or e mail

Have your dates, diary, glasses, pen & paper, and your Debit / Charge / Credit Card at hand.

Multiple e mails / Multiple phone calls - VOID this special offer.

If you cannot keep it simple, you miss out.

If you confuse and baffle us with you enquiry and do not keep it simple, then again, you miss out.

If you do not offer respect to all concerned, as we will offer in return - you miss out. This offer will be withdrawn if at any time we feel you are taking advantage and messing with us and believe me guys, we get PLENTY of people who mess about and it is not tollerated.


This offer does not include Special Event periods / Bournemouth Air Show and the Mens Intimate Week.

If in doubt - just ask John on 01202-399227

Comment from John Bellamy

I am often told Hamilton Hall is not like a corporate venue and that's why so many people love it here. The hotel oozes personality which the corporate giants do not. Cheerless venues - beautifully decorated and with lovely rooms and bathrooms etc and everything you could want - but absolutely no personality - no aura of anything - no atmosphere - no friendly chummy banter that goes beyond the limited scope staff are permitted to say.

We do not have staff longing to end their shift.

We do not treat you with polite indifference, like the corporate hotels. We treat you as a friend as you do in return.

Hamilton Hall talks to you about life, death and the universe. We will chatter and ask you about you and how has it been for you - we give space to relax and be yourself in an easy going venue compared to any corporate hotel - or many other gay hotels come to that - and Hamilton Hall will help take you on a journey of self discovery - and after the Pandemic Year of 2020 - 2021 - we all need - we all deserve - we all want to meet and share and talk and laugh and cry and dance and sing and fuck our bains out and we all want so much to get back to what it was - but many will have suffered enormously during this period - financially, emotionally, mentally - and Hamilton Hall is here to help you feel yourself again in / on a world that has had its paramateurs changed and where mankind is now in a more precarious position as Mother Earth - Gia - shows us just how easy it is to change what it does not like - change the one who does the most harm, and change the way humankind lives forever, and we forget that we are just guests on this planet and custodials of it for the future, and if we fuck it up, Mother Earth will think nothing of getting rid of us all - and it will not have been the first time civilisations have risen and fallen never to be seen again. Humankind and the manner it treats itself, its home planet and life itself, needs some attention and when you look and see how the EU COMPLETELY screwed up the vaccine programme for Europe and then politically blame the UK and anyone its sees as a threat

- we see that even these educated political people are just as fucked up as anyone else but weilding

great power over us all, and when they fuck up, we all suffer and not one person will be held accoutable while the 'blame ' - will be cast on innocent people buy those irresponsible enough to avoid any ramifications of wrong doping and in all probability, they will be promoted and rewarded financially even though they fucked it up BIG TIME.

Thank God we left the EU when we did and while being a contentious REMAIN / LEAVE - this cock up by the EU has shown us we were right to leave when in the middle of the worst global pendemic - the EU gets it wrong - BIG TIME while the UK was / is on the ball and moving forward. Mistakes will happen on all sides, but taking responsibility for these mistakes is the mature way forward and not trying to blame everyone else as that is immature and not expected from paid officials who really should know better than to act like children.

Humankind is incompetant and humankind still has a lot to learn, and when Hamilton Hall re opens on May 17th 2021, we are here to learn from you

as you learn from us. Major cleaning and alterations have been put in pace to protect us from you, ypou from us, and you from others BUT this is reliant on you and if at any time we feel you are abusing the Covid Rules - you will be told to leave and no refund offered and if need be, the authorities informed.

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