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Spirituality And Men presents …'A game of two halves'

Scroll down for John Bellamy's comments on this.

Spirituality And Menpresents … 'A game of two halves' Dear Friend, We hope you are keeping well. You are warmly invited to participate in our Spirituality and Men meeting next Sunday, 2nd May, 2.00 - 3.30pm, when we will be exploring the topic of how we make decisions. Please see the flyer below for further details. Join our Zoom Meeting at: or HERE

Meeting ID: 971 2246 6593 Passcode: 415977 We hope to see you there Best wishes, John McConnel on behalf of the Spirituality and Men Team Spirituality and Men (SAM) is a self-development group run by men for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation.

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John Bellamy Comments:

I have met many gay people who claim to be so spiritual and so enlightened and so there for others and who want to teach and share and be one with their ' flock' and almost every time, there has been some hidden agenda, some ego out of control, some bullshit, some financial aim and some degree of fame and fortune sought, and almost none have donated their life, their work, their full time existance to giving back, sharing, learning etc. in the way that a true teacher, a true guide will donate his life to ' the journey.' I had a ' so called' and 'so respected' gay man here some years ago from Brighton hosting an evening of channelling and it was the most akward and cringe worthy evening I can remember and I honestly don't know how he didn't get that EVERYONE was embarrased for him as his skill, his channel, was so fake it beggared belief and it was just an ego trip for him.

Then another time - 2 other guys wanted to rent HH to put on their own workshop and one of the guys - I wouldn't buy a second hand car from ( A REAL wide boy ) and the other was so flakey - so much an ' air head ' that neither esponged confidence and neither came over as true and genuine and I would not let them rent the venue as it came over as just another con to make money. I have always trusted my inner feelings and my inner feelings had an alarm bell going off in my head the day I met these two.

The spiritual world is full of ego, attitude, money making and those craving attention - and this makes me cringe every time as it is not about the teacher, it is about what is taught. It is not about money, ( although things do have to be paid for and teachers need to make a decent living ) as when money seems the main motivator, then it rubs me up the wrong way as the truth is financial and not spiritual at all.

The Brahma Kumaris is a global organisation catering to everyone and John McConnel started this Men & Spirituality Group 20 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength. Like Hamiltoin Hall, his group is MEN ONLY and is not a gay group - as sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with it - in this form - and all men are welcome to attend. I happen to believe that gay men are the guardians and the teachers as we do not have the connections that bind so many straight men and we also do not have the guilt surrounding sexuality that so many have because of religious dogmas and the belief that sex is a sin, when I believe sex to be a tool to enlightenment - but whether you find your spiritual journey through sexuality, walking on hot coals, meditation, The Christ, Buddha, Christianity or any path that 8 billions people will all take on a different path to everyone else, all journays are correct for the individual walking that path and guides like HH and the BK can help and assist with the spiritual journey, however it is walked. I first met The Brahma Kunaris over 2 decades ago and loved them and their journey of complete and total honesty and although a celibate group ( that's why I couldn't join them as I AM a sexual being ) John McConnel who runs this group for the BK, is the most kind hearted, thoughtful and honest man and I have absolutely no hesitation in reccommending this group - and PLEASE check out their web site and see what else they do.

I was more involved with this global organisation just as I was opening here 21 years ago and absolutely fell in love with what I had experienced. Unfortunately most of the items available are on weekends when we are busy here at Hamilton Hall and I have missed - do miss - the spiritual connection. Running your own retreat takes hard work and when exhausted last thing at night, it is easy to get bogged down in every day life and just ' get on with stuff' rather than concentrate on what is important, your spiritual well being.

I wish you well and hope some of you find you self at the Brahma Kumaris and if you do, say HI to John for me.

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