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Stay at Home

Stay at home. How else do you want us to say it - maybe in a foreign language, maybe in smoke signals - maybe tattoed on your forehead or maybe street signs.

What else do we have to do ?

When I see people complaining in the paper that they had returned after a 48 hour trip to Dubai on business and now they are moaning about having had to queue for 5 hours at Heathrow to clear Immigration and checking the result of Covid Tests and now having to be put into hotels up and down the country for 10 days - at their own expense -I do ask myself :-

' Why the fuck was anyone taking a 2 day business trip when it can be facilitated ' on line ' - and why the hell is anyone taking a flight anywhere under the circumstances and can't these morons just stay put and stop spreading this virus further.'

We all know it took one person to bring the South African strain of Covid into the UK and now it is far and wide - and all because one person got on a plane.

I have a friend who annoys the crap out of me by simply not caring about the virus and as soon as any restriction are lifted, is on a plane chasing cock. HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE and sadly exactly the same as those who ' went down' on the Party Boat in Mexico that sunk - and not a mask or socail distancing in site and all putting themselves in major risk.

I have no sympathy and am absolutely not interested when I hear stories of stupid behaviour - in the middle of a global pandemic where CLEARLY some people cannot stand to have their routine altered, their sex life changed, their business plans go awry or anything different to the normal lifestyle they had so far enjoyed and the selfish - arrogant - self centred assholes who think, feel and act in this manner are the very people bringing this virus into the UK and helping it spread far and wide.

Sadly, a lot of gay men cannot stop meeting up for sex.

Sadly they - like so many back in the 1980's who couldn't stop gagging for cock and who died right back at the beginning of the HIV pandemic and where they could, if they tried a little harder, still be alive 35 years later.

But cock was more important.

That business trip.

That holiday to Spain or South Africa.

That sex orgy in Mexico. FUCKING MORONS THE LOT OF THEM.

Kinda makes you stop and think how spoiled - hjow brattish - so many people are acting during this pandemic.

So many are acting as if it was happening directly to them personally, and is all aimed at ruining their lives.

So many - not a thought for others.

No consideration of helping those in need.

Still godda shop, play, travel, have fun fun fun.

Still all about me me me.

I have received so many phone calls and e mails from those who think they can come down for a couple of days - as tourists - even thopugh they like everyone else know full well that that is illegal and you are nboit suppose to travel further than a couple of miles from your hiome and yet think I am goping to risk a MASSIVE FINE and open for these morons who risk infecting us all. It staggers me how selfish some people are and how damning they are towards me when I tell them some home tuths.

I tell you guys, there are some appalling people out there and we must all keep on at them to wear a mask - social distance and stay safe, not just for their own good but for everyone else around them.

Some people are to be ignored and forgotten about - not just when this is over - but now - as their behaviour threatens others.


John Bellamy --------------------------------------

John: I am sick of one of my friends and have banned him from my home. He keeps turning up for coffee, chats, even lunch or an evening to watch a movie - which we use to do regularly but in lockdown I do not offer and have now banned him from the house as he is not social distancing, does not wear a mask and seems to assume he can do what he pleases and tells me no authority is going to stop him doing what he wants. Hence he is banned from my home and he really doesn't like it. Seems most others have banned him as well AND STILL he doesn't get the point. You are right John, there are some self centred bastards out there whom we have to keep well away from. Josh.

One of my flat mates would not stay in and brought Covid into a house where we had been in isolation for weeks and weeks and had avoided the virus and he had to - he absolutely had to - go and have a shag with some stranger and within days all 5 of us at home were ill and had to go into Track and Trace quarantine for 2 weeks. Not a single apology. Not a word. Hence the rest of us are furious at him and he damned well knows it and when this lockdown is through, he is moving out forthwith. He knows it - we have all ragged LOUDLY AND FIERCLY at him for his irresponsible attitude towards OUR health - and he knows exactly how we feel. He claims he has nowhere to move into but that's it. 30 days notice and he is out. His responsibility. His doing - and we make sure every day - every moment we get, we remind him that we are ill and stuck and worried and scared BECAUSE OF HIM AND HIS SELFISH ACTIONS - and we make sure we drill this into him day and night until he REALLY gets the point,- REALLY gets what he has done and REALLY and GENUINELY apologises from the heart for his fucked up attitude to a pandemic that is killing thousands. Rob. ( London ) My wife is a nurse. It is hard in lockdown as we cannot get out. She works hard with Covid patients and when my Mother In Law ( who lives with us ) became ill from a visit to the hospital herself, we all went into lockdown. Seems one of the worst places is in hospitals and many have been infected even wearing masks etc. and I think we all need to avpid hospitals if and where we can.




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