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Stop plucking the endangered ‘penis plant’, urges Cambodian government

A phallic-looking plant is at risk of extinction in Cambodia because people keep plucking it out of the ground to take selfies with it. After a video of some women picking the “penis plant” went viral on social media, the Cambodian government has issued a statement asking citizens to leave the endangered penis plant in the ground where it belongs.

It’s true, the Nepenthes holdenii pitcher plant looks astonishingly like an erect penis. The protected plant, growing only in remote mountainous regions of western Cambodia, has become endangered because locals and tourists can’t keep their hands off them.

The penis plant only grows in very remote areas in latitudes above 600 metres, so locating and snapping a picture with the pitcher plant has become a sort of challenge for some penis plant enthusiasts in Cambodia. The plant was historically thought to only exist in the Cardamom Mountains, but in 2011 a new population was discovered further east.

The carnivorous penis plant has been described as looking similar to an eggplant when its trap is open to catch flies. When an insect falls into the trap, the Nepenthes holdenii closes its trap and transforms into a penis.

After a video of a group of women plucking the plant went viral on social media, Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources issued a statement urging people to stop picking the penis plant to protect it from slipping out of existence…

“What they did was wrong. Do not do it again in the future. Thank you to everyone who loves and cherishes our natural resources. But please do not pluck the Nepenthis holdenii plant, otherwise it will die.”

John Bellamy Comments John Bellamy Comments:

When the council came round to Hamilton Hall a couple of years ago concerning something legal, the two women had seen our web site and the first words out of their mouths was about the Cock and Ball Workshop, which is X Rated, and the pair of them giggled. My answer was that the web site has scores of pages that are NOT X Rated and yet the first thing - THE FIRST THING they did was investigate our X rated pages and the first thing they mentioned, which had absolutely nothing at all to do with why they were here, was about sex - and I did point out that this sends a VERY LOUD MESSAGE about what these women lack in their lives and why they found the need to go straight looking for cock.

They laughed but I hammered the point home that they had absolutely no need to look at these pages yet the psychology behind their wishes was LOUD AND CLEAR... and they got my point.




and when it is aimed at the wrong people.

Trouble is, the whole world harbours under this ' SEX IS DIRTY' thought and is ' The Original Sin' and how sex is tacky and naught and THAT is the problem. It is none of those things and is a thing of beauty but because it comes with so much clap trap attached to it, and because women tend to meter it out in order to get things from their partner and sex is used as currency - between BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND NOT JUST THOSE HONEST ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY PUT A MONETARY CHARGE ON IT - most women are prostitutes - dishing out sex to their partner in order to get a new dress, or the kids new shoes, or just for some peace and quiet - AND THAT MY DEAR FRIENDS IS NO MORE THAN A CHEAP WHOLE - as sex for a dress is very cheap but has been facilitated in such a manner since time began. SEX HAS A WORTH.

Trouble is, many men are so sexually frustrated this leads to violence, rape, sexual dysfunctions and all sorts of emotional and mental health problems exacerbated by the lack

of intimacy and sex. Period.

Gay men have a very different view on sexuality - as moist men would given half the chance, but having to ' toe the line' in order to get sex with a women has meant there is a massive chasm between what men want and what women want / expect in return for sex, and this ' agreement; has been fostered for hundreds of years.

That is unhealthy and yet is rife the world over and largely we have religious clap trap to blame and the fervour of those wishing to control mankind by damning sex as evil that has done a great deal of damage.


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