Stories from a former sex worker

Sex Worker, Prostitute, Escort, Rent Boy, Hooker, Street Walker, tart, Whore, Giggilo, SEXUAL SOCIAL WORKER Call it what you will. It is known as The Oldest Profession - by men and women for men and women. It has its extremly down market side and then there is the 5 STAR GOLD side to the business. It's not always what you imagine.

People often have an attitude towards the sex worker which is usually completely misplaced. Men use prostitutes because their wives do not give them sex, or because it is simply convenient, or to have the sex they dream of and their partner is not into, and for a million other resons - and anyone damning and trying to destroy the sex worker needs to see beyond - and see the good that sex workers offer society by keeping its loins calm and stops a mountain of explosive arguments caused by sexual frustration within relationships and where many get hurt. Sex alieviates this pent up frustration and takes it off the boil - so - easing society from the main cause of many relationshiop breakdowns... the lack of sex.

As a professional full time sex worker for 15 years - and where I was available 24/7 - took credit cards ( and this was the 80's and 90's when NO ONE accepted cards in the sex industry ) and I even had a book keeper and accountant and - believe it or not, I paid tax - and told the tax man face to face exactly what I did for a living - EXACTLY - and when someone takes a portion of a prostitutes money - they are called PIMPS, so when the government and the HMRC takes a portion of a sex workers income , does that now make them PIMPS - mwhich is illegal and a prison offense ?

As a former leading sex worker, there are many MANY fun and sometimes horny and / or disgusting stories I have to share, and here is one for you...

Let me know if you want more.

John Bellamy

I knew this man well.

I knew all about his wife and kids.

His past female lovers.

His whole life history.

After some years of seeing him on a regular basis, where he would come every 3 weeks for an overnight session – this day was to remain in my mind for ever and become one of those laughs shared between sex workers. It was late.

He had already been with me for the afternoon and it was now late at night and he had already been well throat and butt fucked, all tied up in the dungeon and being forced to take it.

He lay there in the dim lights as I started naming names from his past.

‘Your girlfriend from decades ago, Muriel, - she was a whore - WASN’T SHE ?’ He answered with a quiet ‘Yes.’ ‘YES – WHAT ?’ I screamed at him.

Louder he said ‘ She was a whore ‘


‘Muriel was a whore.’ ‘LOUDER ‘





MURIEL WAS A WHORE.’ I let that hang in the air for a few minutes, standing in silence – and then


( another girlfriend from just a few years ago which his wife never knew about )

‘YES – ‘ faltering now – ‘JANET WAS A WHORE.’