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Straight crowd forces police to release gay men arrested for kissing

Parents & locals started chanting "I'm gay too!" in solidarity. Bravo!

After two men were arrested for kissing on a public beach in Mexico, a crowd of furious sunbathers surrounded the heavily armed cops and demanded their release.

As parents and locals started chanting “I’m gay!” and “I’m gay too!” in solidarity with the men, the officers let the men go.

Video of the incident has skyrocketed around the world and Mexican LGBTQ groups are demanding authorities take action. The video alleges the police were “violent” and said the men were being arrested for kissing in front of “parents and children and they cannot be seeing this.”

Maritza Escalante can be heard arguing with the officers, saying “they were not committing a crime” and “they kissed like any other couple.”

After the confrontation, local police issued a statement saying the men were being arrested for “immoral acts and sexual erotic demonstrations, on the road or public places.”

They claimed the men were having oral sex and that one of the men pictured in the video riled up the crowd by claiming it was discrimination.

No one on the beach saw the alleged sexual contact, but police say a citizen complaint spurred the arrests. Two officers reportedly saw the men kiss and returned with two ATVs and several armed officers.



and go to the orignal story and PLEASE CLICK on the link in the story and watch as the locals on the beach come to these two guys defense. Truly brilliant.

Furious crowd forces armed police officers to release men arrested for kissing on a beach / LGBTQ Nation

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