Streisand's birthday

April 24th 1942 - So that akes Barbra 78 years of age and will be 79 next week.

To read an autobio on the worlds most famous singer, actress, producer, director and writer - click on the link below.

As a chikd - I was raised in show business as my father had a dance band and my mother was a singer and fashion model and we children were raised listening to them rehearse and then perform and were often ' in the act' from the age of about 7 or 8 onwards and we loved it.

Music was the backbone of my childhood.

I was less aware of Streisand as a child as we had Shirley Bassey, or own ' home grown' superstar and was aged 16 when I first heard ' What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life' by Streisand on the radio and was in love. Next I heard ' People' and the relationship was to be set in stone for life.

Over the years I waited with baited breath for each album and each movie to come out and was always excited and thrilled.

I managed to be outside the cioma i Leicester Swqare when she came to the first performance of Yentl and saw as she arrived in a black limo. Hundreds were waiting outside to see the cast and yet they were all so silent and when Barbra arrived - total silence until this tall, dark and excessively handsome and stylish fan ( ha ha - guess who ) shouted - 'We love you Barbra'- and she turned round and waved - I'd like to say AT ME - and then turned and went into the cinema.

Some years later I was to be sitting 15 feet from Streisand at the royal gala opening of' The Prince Of Tides' as I had paid £380 for 2 tickets to the opening in which the entire crew and Princess Diana were in attandance an sitting not 15 feet from me... I was in awe.

I also saw her 3 times live - twice at Wembley and once at the 02 and life really couldn't get much better. So what if the tickets cost a fortune ( over £500 a piece ) this was a life's ambition and was like seeing Elvis or Sinatra - LEGENDS. These were evenings I shall never forget. These were p[erfpormances I can recall from beginning to end. This was what I had waited decades for - prayed for - dreamed of - so £500 was nothing.

As the world highest paid singer for liver performances, many claim not tolike Streisand - yet she is the world biggest star, and millions buy her records and she is one f a very few who have won an Emmy, Oscar., Tony and Grammies.

Clever lady.

I have also seen Shirley Basses, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler and tons of others. but Barbra Streisand - to me and to many - is the biggest star.





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