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When Melania Trump left the White House for the last time, this is what she was wearing.

While people found fault with the black number she wore previously and said it was like she was going to a funeral, ( yer - your leaving the White House in disgrace ) at least it had style and was classy. The Gucci number she changed into which looks to just hang on her with no curves, no style and actually more like something you buy in a thrift / charity store than pay a fortune for from Gucci, is like some 1960's wallpaper that we see in old movies and go

' Oh My God look at the wallpaper, and to think we had that on our walls decades ago - how vile was that ?' and we laugh.

What we do not expect is to see Gucci make this - revolting - dress and / or that the First Lady would be seen dead in it - unless she is taking the piss.

Keeping dark glasses on also is actually really dumb.

If you are talking to someone face to face and you are wearing sunglasses where they cannot see your eyes, this is a cause for problems. The armed forces are trained to take off eye wear such as this and to speak eye to eye and not hide behind the glasses as it causes friction, and eye to eye is more friendly and people resonate better towards you.

It's easy to assume she simply didn't want to be there.

The media repoers that she did not want to move into the White House in the first place and she most certainly did not want her orange husband to run for President and stories go that she was furious when he won - true or not - body language and a clear and easy examination of her actions while in the White House - send a loud message of discontent at being there and being with him.

She was the worst First Lady on record as her achievements are - er - zero. Every First Lady stands up and does something as the First Lady - be it health care, ' Say NO' to drugs - Womens Rights - SOMETHING - as all have done in the past but Melania seems to have done bugger all.

That dress - is vile - and I feel was a deliberate shot accros the bow to many and the one person I feel she was insulting by wearig it , was the Orange Man beside her.

I have enjoyed watching and reading the APPALLING things 'The Donald' has done and I have been appalled at so many things he has done, caused and created and am so pleased he is gone before the USA implodes and / or causes a complete and total melt down of democracy and the White Supremists and bigots rise to the surface as ' the norm'. It's been fun and comedians will have to find a whole new vision of comedy as the biggest clown is gone - the biggest - and easiest to mimic dummy, has gone, and I for one will miss his vile attitude, his egomania and that family... dear God... what a pile of self seeking tossers.

Thank goodness he has gone and I truly hope they do impeach him this time and destroy his chances of standing again and destroy his clan before they become another power hungry political family like the Kennedy's were once upon a time.

We are all in trouble politically as Boris bumbles his way through with his appalling blah balh blah speach - unclear - unprecise and simply ridiculous in times of emergency to have a leader unable to even speak clearly - and it seems there are others - and the world is in trouble politically.

But that dress... what was she thinking ?


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