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Tatts are for life - not just for Christmas - X RATED

Tattoos - Some love them while others hate them. Covering your body in inkwork might not appeal to us all and the fantasy that it is manly because you have endured pain for so long is just bullshit. Some ink work is a piece of art while some is just a mess. Covering vast amounts of your flesh in this manner is somewhat questionable - but then, why not... it is not my body and if someone wants to change the way they look, why shouldn't they. What do you think ?

When you see a completely black arm like this below, it is usually a sign that he had scores of smaller tatts along his arm that he got fed up with and just blacked over completely.

Met a lesbian tattooist in Hammersmith years ago with exactly this and she stated she absolutely hated her left arm as it was now completely black and covering all sorts of messy tatts done since teenage years and she thought that by hiding it all she would feel better, but she hated her arm and actually said she would cut it off If she was brave enough... ( little drastic ) so remember guys - a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas.

I do have one question about this guy below - WHY - IT'S JUST A MESS. ?


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