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Thankyou to Woody and Gary

There are some people you meet in life who help turn yours around.

Some do so - manipulating to get what they want from you.

There are a LOT of 'takers' out there and we have all met one or two. People who claim to be a friend and all along they are in it for whatever they can get out of it - usually money - or sex - or just to be a part of your entourage, - something that benefits them.

Then here are those genuine people who just turn up and settle into your life journey and make a dramatic change to your every day life for the better. Not a lover. Not someone you've had sex with. Not a relative and often, someone you meet ' out of the blue' and things just seem right from the very start.

This is how it was when Gary started working here around 30 months ago.

Right in the middle of lockdown, when advertising, interviewing and getting new live in staff was an absolute nightmare.

After interviewing a couple of guys who were just completely all wrong - I e mailed a guy who had e mailed some time earlier, and Gary came and joined me - and without even meeting him, offered him the job as - I was in need and unsure where to go and he sounded good, and I thought 'fuck it, give him a go' - and instantly we were laughing and getting on really well and we worked well together, very well together, he was brilliant, played scrabble together which he claims to be the better player, but then, so do I... ha ha - and after 18 months when he said he wanted to do something else, to move on with his career but stay living at Hammy Hall - I was saddened but aware no one stays working here forever and his time was up.... and as I fully appreciated and valued what he wanted to do, I offered as much support as I could and while he was training and then doing voluntary work which enabled him to get into full time employment in the job he wanted, and after interviewing a few people who were - sorry to say it - ALL WRONG - for the job, for Hamilton Hall and largely - for me - ( as I have to like who I live and work with and some people from the moment you see them you know ...' NO NO NO NO NO WAY ,.) I was concerned who would take over and was surprised when Gary brought his brother down from 'up north' - and as with Gary, - Woody and I also got on like a house on fire and laughed the evening away and he started work the very next day.

Just as well as within a week I was taken severely ill and was bad for the next 5 months, and Woody just took over running the venue and allowed me to take to my bed and he was brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant and with Gary's help showing him the ropes, I could relax and not worry and this was - probably - a first.

Between them, they were Heaven Sent. Absolute Angels. Fast forward a year - and we have now got a new puppy after my old dog was put to sleep with cancer and - having a puppy is very hard work and a lot more work than I ever thought, and Woody has been amazing. We go to training class once a week ( er - that's training the dog not Woody .. ) and every day he walks and plays with her as she is constantly 'on the go' and where it is difficult to get work done sometimes as she keeps trying to play, and if you lock her out of the office - she barks and plays up, and Woody is brilliant. He takes her out for long walks daily and I can get on with my work and then I take her in the afternoon and hopefully, tire her out. ( Ha Ha - Who am I kidding... )

I have never had a puppy before - always having rescue Weimaraner's and the youngest was 4 - and they come trained and sorted whereas a puppy, OMG - she is on the go all day...

Love her to bits and she is slowly learning and somedays amazes us with her good behaviour and then the next she is a little devil... and while it frustrates, it is still very sweet as she just wants to play, bless her, and by the time you read this, she will have had her ' ladies parts' removed, and this may quieten her down a bit... ( I hope... )

I think the last dog I had who kept attacking me - The German Short Haired Pointer - attacked because of hormonal problems that led to behavioural problems, as she came on heat twice within 3 months, very unusual as it should be at least 6 months between heats - and yet as soon as she recovered from one long heat, she was on another and there was no space between to get her spayed - and the size of her ' lady parts' when on heat was like a bucket - MASSIVE - and while I have had dogs on heat in the past and where the ' lady parts' swell up, DEAR GOD her lady parts were ENORMOUS - ( I know what you are thinking - she took after her Dad, me - a Big Cunt ...) and I am sure if given time and a safe place to keep her while you got the heats and being spayed sorted out, her behaviour might have improved and she could have become a gentle dog, but she had attacked and seriously injured me 5 times in all over a two month period and where I kept making excuses and putting things in place to protect and limit, - and I was not about to spend thousands on kennel fees for months sorting her heats out and then more money on having her spayed and all on a hope it might help. I was in A&E with serious blood poisoning from a bite to my arm - scabs all over my scalp from a previous attack that could very easily have been my face had I not instantly looked down and ' offered' my scalp instead of my face while I clambered out of bed - and as loving and as wonderful as she was, I was now shit scared of dogs and shit scared of her and unsure at any time that she may react and attack again, and she was put down on the advise of a Rescue Centre and the vet - and Woody supported throughout.

Some people help out as a gesture to gain something for themselves, their kindness comes with a price tag attached and I have witnessed this many many times. Woody however, loves Hamilton Hall and all we do here and is already talking about what the garden will be like next year - having learned where things grow well here with the sun and so forth and is here for the long term - like a family member.

Gary - his older brother - is also still here but working every weekday for a local charity - and every morning I feel like the little wife at home saying ' 'HAVE A NICE DAY AT WORK DEAR' - each morning when he leaves for work - and ' HOW WAS YOUR DAY DEAR ?' when he comes home in the evening. With almost no experience of anyone I have known who has had a 9 - 5 Monday to Friday job, it is a bit of fun. I feel like little wifey at home with hubby going to work, even though we are just friends....

So big thankyou to Gary and Woody for all their assistance and especially Woody and his long patient help with Lady Madge - named by Woody - and she answers now to Madge. ( short for Margret ( Thatcher ) - short for Majesty - as in 'Your Royal Highness - ' or even Majestic - who cares... she is Madge.

Thanks guys. True friends. Hugs.

Much appreciated.


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