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The Camper Van

You probably remember I announced I was building a camper van inside an old ambulance ? Many have asked about it.

Well I lost interest in it when I was ill for so long last year - 8 months really ill and all sorts of things got forgotten about or put on the back burner - and the minibus was one of those things. It sat on the car park all taxed and insured and going nowhere.

It has been a while since I recovered from that UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection ) that saw me loosing 2 stone in weight - 28lb - or 13kg and all through this spring and summer ( 2023 ) I have been rebuilding my strength and weight - for after starting to recover from that lengthy period of illness, - I was diagnosed at Christmas with Prostate Cancer.

BUT: Just this week my test results came back better than last time and the PSA levels have actually decreased - gone down - and I am delighted and I now feel I can make plans for the future again - outside of Hamilton Hall where I have felt safe and cloistered - and have started to work on the camper van and get it - at long last - finished.

It has a lot to do to get it totally done, and needs some engine work, but it should not take more than 6 months, the way I move slowly and am determined to take it easy and enjoy doing the work and regain my excitement and enthusiasm for the camper that I totally lost when so ill. It would be nice to get t ready for next summer and even just sit in it, outside in the car park and make a cuppa and even watch the telly - and pretend I am somewhere else... It can still feel like a holiday even if just outside...

I speak to a lot of people who phone or e mail me when they are down - when they are ill - when they are depressed and need a shoulder - a friend - a listener who does not judge them, and yet when they are back up again, in better health mentally and physically, I hear nothing at all.

I feel a bit like Mother at home, always there in an emergency but unwanted at other times. But I totally understand.

When I was ill, the world closed in around me and I could think of little else but WTF was going on with me and being as I was 68 last year, age does come into it and realizing it takes longer to recover from such things the older you get, does act as a downer. I am not a depressive type, but I can get down, but as long as my health is good, I can bounce back up again really quickly if around people, as their vibe picks me back up - but when your health has dragged you right down, it can be hard.

So I am excited to start working on the van again and just yesterday laid the rubber matting in the ' garage ' section and am sorting out the fabric for curtails and seat covers etc. It has taken a lot longer than expected - but more than a year ill does set you back somewhat and - emotionally - I was not in the right place that now, I feel I am back... and I am excited to be getting the van finished.

Ha ha ... We muster on.

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