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The Dark Night - Astrology with Gary O'Toole

The Dark Night

The Sun is in its fall in sidereal Libra from Oct 17. This leads to a New Moon on Oct 25, celebrated in India as Diwali, the 'darkest night' of the year, with the Sun in debilitation during the dark phase of the Moon. It's at our darkest times that we find our true source of light, within.

The Sun is further darkened by the Moon and South Node (Ketu), a partial solar eclipse at 7 degrees, opening up a period of much change and uncertainty leading to a total lunar eclipse on Nov 8.

The eclipsed and debilitated Sun may show a prominent leader fall from power in a spectacular way. The Sun conjunct Ketu shows losses. But when something is lost, something is gained, including many insights we would not have had otherwise.

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New Book

My new book titled (surprisingly enough!), Timeline Astrology: Timing Techniques from India is currently being proof read and will be ready for release in the New Year. Patrons on the $10 tier will get a copy, but there’s just one place left on this tier, so grab it before it’s gone!

Timeline Astrology is a comprehensive book about timing techniques, drawing from an Indian (Vedic) tradition with modern interpretations. It describes a common thread we all experience; natural stages of life and personal turning points. It takes your birth horoscope through cycles of time, describing how you experience life, as you experience it. The book is divided into three main parts: CYCLES, PATTERNS, and TRENDS. The first covers the most popular cycles in use today; the second delves into some observable patterns within these; the third breaks these down into phases. This part also describes the impact of transits, as universal trends and triggers for life events. Chart examples highlight these ancient techniques in a modern context, demonstrating how accurate, and helpful, astrology timelines can be.

Speaking in Galway

I will be speaking at the Galway Mind-Body Festival in the Salthill Hotel on Oct 2 at 1.45pm. The talk will be held in Area 1 on the 3rd floor

The title of my talk is "The Timeline of your Life" and I'll give you two guesses as to what it's about!

If you are in the area, it would be nice to meet you.

Wishing you the very best for the month ahead.

Gary O’Toole

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