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Posted on March 21, 2023 by Andrew Christian

Article by Maya Vukovska

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Evolution knows its ways, and human penises are, in fact, getting bigger - in just three decades, the penis has increased its average length by 1,2 inches! To many, this sounds like great news. American males in particular must be particularly excited given that their penises rank only 95th biggest in the world with a modest average length of 5. 35 inches. However, doctors find this growing tendency concerning - they warn that bigger penises come with some specific health issues. But also with some purely practical ones.

ТHE DANGERS OF PHALLIC INFLATION Actually, the researchers were expecting to see a decline in the length of the erected penis given the negative trends in other measures of men’s reproductive system. But they were overly surprised by the results of their study that showed the average penis size had grown a staggering 24 % between 1992 and 2021! They also came to the disturbing conclusion that the human penis had undergone such rapid growth due to unhealthy habits, like excessive consumption of junk food, being mostly in a sitting position, and possibly also pollution. The biggest concern comes from the presumption that well-hung men have a relatively smaller chance of becoming fathers.

HIDE-AND-SEEK When girls are adjusting their bras under the t-shirts in public, it’s sexy. If a guy is trying to adjust his penis in his pants so that it is comfier and less visible, it’s bad manners. But when your dick is so big that there is absolutely no way to hide an unexpected boner, that is already scandalous. What else is a true ordeal for big-dick owners is shopping for jeans. They can’t just jump into the first pair they like - instead, they have to browse and try for hours before finding the right ones that provide enough space for the package. Needless to say, tight jeans are entirely out of the question. Unless, of course, it is your explicit intention to attract people’s eyes. THE PEEING CONUNDRUM Like buying jeans, using the bathroom can be an equally unpleasant experience. Especially if one has to use public urinals! If you are not careful enough, your hanging penis will touch the edge of the urinal, and I can only imagine how gross that must feel. Peeing sitting seems like the only option but most men find it awkward and also disgusting because AGAIN the tip of their penises may dip in the toilet water.

WHEN SEX FEELS LIKE KILLING SOMEONE They say, no pain, no gain, but this proverb doesn't hold true in the love game with someone with a huge dick. It's almost impossible to have rough, penetrative sex with such a massive rod and not make your partner bleed. No wonder many guys report they fear hurting or even killing their partner during sex. Another huge roadblock in the bedroom is oral sex. People may say they love to suck big cock, but when they come across a cock that is thicker than their wrists, they suddenly realize they've been overachievers. So, unfortunately, many well-endowed men get off on getting properly sucked - all they get is teeth scraping, really.

And then there’s the condom problem. Even if you use the biggest size, often it covers just half the cock, and you’ll have to constantly keep a hand on it to prevent it from slipping off during anal. And because it doesn't fit well, the rubber will often break or slip inside.

( JB - do as I use to do, use bin liners... lol )

No doubt, getting boners the size of a wine bottle is a huge confidence builder, and less-endowed guys look up to those with huge dicks with awe and envy. But to the millions of gay (and straight!) men out there who worry they’re “too small”, I’ll tell you this: Men with big penises are sometimes just as insecure as you are, and not once and twice, they were refused sex because their penises are bigger than eight inches. So, guys, stop obsessing about your size, and give your penis a break! After all, we all are stuck with what we’ve got.



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JB continues:

I had escorts on my escort agency decades ago who were so well hung, they never received deep throat and hardly ever had anyone suck their dick as it was simply too big. Many times an asshole will refuse a fuck as - again - too big. So there are plusses and minus's to being hung too big.

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