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The elephant in the room. Harry & Megan.

Maybe it is time to talk about the elephant in the room, the massive monster that is right in front of us all, the truth that has never been spoken and the manner in which the Royal

Firm has dealt with this from the very beginning.

Now this is just hyperthetical - guess work or maybe fatasy - as we have all heard the rumours and we have all talked and discussed and we have all summised ... as ( mostly ) we all loved Princess Diana and we were all a part of the mistreatment she endured at the hands of the media and from her own addmission - the cruelty and ignorance offered by the very Royals themselves who - CLEARLY - haven't much of a clue how normal people live, how to cope with family dynamics and how to listen and change if and when change needs to be made.

We all saw the debakle that was Charles and Diana's marriage and even when ' trying to put on a face for the public ' it was clear to everyone this simply was not working - not even vaguely. The world could see the unhappiness and distress she was going through while being left and abandoned by 'The Firm' as it always has done, as ALL marriages INTO the Royal Family have been doomed to failure - and all generally because of The Firm and the staff that monitor the family itself, are cruel and unnecessarily opionated towards anyone who marries into the family, and it is often ' the men in gray' who are the ones who destroy and cause problems and not so much the Royals themselves, as they hand over control to these ' men in gray ' and it seems, no one is held responsible when things go wrong and no one looks to make repairs, all they seem to do is 'damage control' - and that DOES NOT counsel the problem, it just limits its appearance to the media, while ignoring the hurt and pain that is being felt.

No healing takes place.

No one learns a better / different way and nothing changes. It is absurd that the Royals are worse off than Joe Public - as we can go and get therapy and we are not arrogant / ego driven as much as most Royals and so, we do listen when told something we do not like to hear and we make changes accordingly, but it seems, not the Royals. It is as if they are above all of us and what would be considered decent behavious under certain cirecmstances, is completely ignored.


The Queen has two grandchildren by her oldest son - Prince Charles - and his first born is heir to the throne after Charles has had a go after Mommy Dearest Queenie dies and leaves him the position he has longed for for decades.

The first born was William.

Harry was born some time later and there has always been suspect rumours about who his Father was - as from day one, he looked more like Diana's ' friend ' JH who some say is the real father of Harry and not Charles.


Charles's sons are both entitrled to all sorts of things, one being protection, as well as financial input from the family ( No royal asks to be born royal - he was not married into the family he was born into it, so he is entitled to protection 24/7 -) yet the Royals have taken that protection away from Harry as well as any income from the family, so other than the monies Princess Diana left him after her death, he would be broke.

His children are Great Grand children to the Queen, and so deserve protection in their own right.

BUT: If all along the Royals have known him NOT to be Charles son, but had to ' put on a face ' of respectability and denial - and so raise Diana's illegitimate son by someone other than her husband Prince Charles, and this must have fried their asses. The women the family and firm hated because she was too popular and loved by the people and the Royals and The Firm could not control that, and they hated and resented her popularity. She was simply doing things any one of us would do, but because of strict royal protocol, the royals are denied the ability to do what comes natural - as they have no idea what that is - being so surrounded with sycophants and morons gagging just because they are close to the Royals but who are - as we see over and over again coming from The Palace - these people are fucking idiots.

Maybe this is why the Royals disliked raising an illegitimate son of the Daughter In Law they HATED - and after her death were left raising her illigitimate son who was no relative to the Royal Family at all... because he was not Charles son.

Imagine if this was true, the family MUST have had DNA Tests done - and they knew exactly who is and who is not Harry's father.

This would explain why they let him go into a war zone as a helicopter pilot - putting him in danger ( they don't care what happens to him as - he aint ' one of them.' )

This would explain taking away his Prince title, and his protection and now, even any income from the estate - even though there are many family members who do very little for the royals and yet they still get home and board and income from the royals, but Harry doesn't ?

PRINCE Michael of Kent is one that springs to mind., He gets a title of Prince while being a fucking idiot who we never see, and where he lives at Kensington Palace and while paying rent because of a public outcry - it wont be much.

If Harry was actually not a royal at all, then this all fits.

The elephant in the room is that IF: Harry was not Charles son but someone elses, this would explain why this is all happening and why The Firm are against him but does not explain why the Royals seem so unaware that they need to help non royals and get some therapy for all concerned yet their arrogance, their 'up themselves' attitude often given, limits that and so they go from bad to worse and never learn a damned thing.

I may be talking crap and I may be very wrong. But people have talked ever since Harry was born and ignoring the obvious - how the Palace is cutting Harry off without a dime, no title, no protection and no support at all, is what would happen under the circumstances of his birth, and just goes to show what a cold hearted load of bastards some within the Palace walls truly are - and we all know who it was who questioned how dark skinned Harry and Megan's baby would be - don't we ? But then. My girlfriend locally who had a baby last year, and had her boyfriend been black, any one of us might have asked or joked about what colour the baby would be and that is NOT racist.

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is what lies, what deception, what uncaring - unloving attitude is being offered to Harry and Magan by an instituition so full of scandall of its own, it beggars belief. What about Andrew and his relationship with pedophilia - That has been swept under the carpet for a long time and they have kept him hiden in the closet and away from the media to save any consequences of a Royals actions with under age girls... maybe true, maybe all lies - we may never know.

Scandal on scandal.



This is all speculation, that has been shared by millions of people and always will as long as the Royals are alive. The disgraceful games they play and have played for centuries where they rule OVER us - and think they can personally do whatever they like and get away with it, has proven wrong in the last few decades with social media and the media at large following their every move. It cannot be a lot of fun marrying into that fucked up dysfunctional family that is run a bit like a mafia family. I don't envy any of them but I do have to add that I admire the Royals and what they do and do not want to see change in that way, just change in the way this family are so disjointed from reality and that does them all a MASSIVE DISSERVICE. They can be and are better than this.



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