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The Healing Years


( 'Oh my God the world is going to die - It's the end - I'm done for ...' ) Many of us have been living through a stream of negative input for the last 2 years with death all around us in the news, in the media and globally we have all been victims of Covid even if we never caught it. Stress, Fear, Worry, Panic Attacks , Loneliness, Isolation & Anxiety are just some of the emotions we have all felt and while we may think ourselves emotionally and physically strong, a constant diet of B-B-B-B-Boris on the TV spluttering incoherent fear based rhetoric that has been hard to comprehend because of how he waffles and fear based in numbers of those dying on a daily basis is enough to unhinge even the strongest of people.

Many things will cause this :_ Stuck at home all the time.

Not going to work.

Not seeing friends and family.

Or even being surrounded with family 24/7

Worried about finance.

Nervous of going out shopping.

Must remember my mask.

Must use antibacterial gels.

Concerned when in crowded areas.

Mind going numb with lack of intellectual input.

No sex life.

No love life at all.

In lockdown with irritating people at home.

Helping others while getting fuck all help in return.

Realising so many friends are just users. Not there for you when you need them but expect you to give give give and be there for them 24/7.

Scratching your head wondering WTF to do today.

Fighting with utility companies after many went bust and now being screwed BIG TIME by big business.

Local news media constantly full of negative and threatening bully boy articles designed to keep us in fear.

Who to trust about getting the vaccine. Are we going to have a Christmas or not - and what about the New Year ?

Not feeling well with something other than Covid - but try getting a doctors appointment - that'll be a joke and weeks wasted. The arrogance and incompetent Ursula von der Leyen messing up the vaccine rollout for the whole of the EU.

Makes you glad we left... The High Street, already suffering;- now many more shops are closing for good.

Bars and night clubs complaining after being paid millions in help from the government.

Not knowing whether you will have employment at the end of this.

Shortage of lorry

drivers causes a lack of stock in the shops.

Realising some fiends are so unworthy is beggars belief.

While others step up to the mark and surprise you.

Brexit - 'enough said.'

Boris - 'enough said.'

Trump - 'enough said.'

Prince Philip dies. Prince Andrew in trouble and looks as if he is well fucked ( as was the under age girl imported from America for him... ooo la la ... ) The Queen cancels her family Christmas due to ill health.

We see - we experience - we feel and we are emotionally involved in many aspects of every day life that we only now realise are so important for well being of our daily mind, body and soul maintaining good health. It's not just about eating well, taking your vitamins and getting enough exercise. It is also and LARGELY all about your MENTAL well being - your mental health - and like your body, your mind needs exercise and good maintenance to stay in top form and healthy and any extended period of immobility where your mind, like your body, if not exercised, every day things can become harder, achier, slower and you may feel much older than you actually are.


When we are emotionally and mentally suffering, this relates into our physical body and things that would have washed over you before - now seem like mountains and not mole hills and these things do sink into our physical body and will cause and create ailments that can stay with us for a long long time. All caused by our mental