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The horrors of America

I love Trump.

If there is one thing he is good for, is a laugh. When you see and read and hear the daft things that this X ( only one term in office ) ) President says, it is truly gobsmacking in its ignorance. He really is the dumbest and most dangerous man alive.

Assuming it's far away in America will not stop the craziness coming to the UK and we are half way there already. Crazy people running the show.

People were laughed at in the 1930's when they said Hitler was bad and the few that escaped by reading the writing on the wall - survived - and those who thought them wrong - were butchered.

Trump is the new Hitler.

What Hitler did to turn people against the Jews is exactly the same as is currently happening to the LGBT community - and mark my words - things are reverting backwards - country's are outlawing LGBT that were once accepted and many - MANY - see a wave similar to what Hitler did with the Jews, coming to the LGBT community.

You may think me nuts, but be watchful - pay attention - stop living in your protected little bubble of ignorance - pay attention - and this may save you from the horrors to come.

But you also have to laugh - so laugh at some of these below - be shocked and appalled at some and sad at others for this - is real people, THIS IS REAL and currently going on in America.

The Republicans actually support rape - see below:-


Love the line - ' added anti-gay versus Jesus never said.'

Check out this Ai picture below - Completely fake of Trump kneeling in prayer - TOTALLY FAKE - Check out how he has 6 fingers on one hand.

And check out this fat bozo dressed like a soldier but at least 250lb over the standard weight. Just another fat cunt with guns who probably thinks he looks like Bruce Willis and instead looks more like an absolute joke and we all know EXACTLY how small his little pecker is as well - huh ?

Let me just point out here for the less educated - the American Indian (the indigenous people of America ) was on the land centuries before white man came and took over. So when an immigrant tells a Navajo Indian to ' go home' - he damned well IS home - and it is the bozo clown who is the immigrant and should go home, but the point is, how stupid, how ignorant, how damned backward and unintelligent are these people that they scream in this fashion showing us all exactly how thoroughly stupid they are.

It is truly unbelievable.

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