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The Long History of How Jesus Came To Resemble a White European & Using the Bible against LGBTQ+

The earliest images were less about capturing his actual appearance and more about clarifying his role

as a ruler or a savior.

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture


Using the Bible against LGBTQ+

people is an abuse of scripture


John Bellamy Comments:

Most religions damn homosexuality and blame the fact that it is against Gods design and so forth and nothing could be further from the truth - as - quite simply - WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT GOD'S DESIGNES FOR HUMANITY ARE, SO HOW CAN WE JUDGE ?


We cannot trust Biblical writings as they have been MASSIVELY MISTRANSLATED DOZENS OF TIMES, messed with by bigoted monks and those gagging for sex but whose inner sexual frustrations lead to anger and bitterness towards others and we live with their fucked up editing and translations that are massively - and I cannot state HOW MASSIVELY - mistranslated and mis directed. Biblical writngs genuinely are NOT WORTHY OF SERIOUS STUDY - SO NOT WORTHY TO BUILD YOUR LIFE AROUND AS A WHOLE.

Whenever the bible starts to damn and destroy - Whenever Biblical writings say something is wrong - Whenever a passage states you will be punnished by God and sent to hell -

It is all about controlling the masses ( remember the church was the power NOT the government ) and using spitefilled evil to scare the people into following and not questioning and for centuries MILLIONS WERE SLAUGHTERED BY THE CHURCH as many would not follow or believe their clap trap and so, the Crusades and Holy Wars were fought in order to gain control over peoples lives, and over peoples souls. It is NOT about helping, guiding, loving and showing compassion at all, it is about abusing people to get the choir boys, to get the power, to get the glory and to get the fame of having everyone fear you ( why should we fear a Priest or Pope or any religion that is suppose to be all about love and not fear yet the Churches - most of them,. insutil fear in people to make them follow - ) and this arrogant ego trip is not of God at all and in itself, is the signs of a fucked up prick in a frock with a fish mouth for a hat. He has nothing - NOTHING over any of us and he still shits and pisses and wanks and thinks dirty thoughts and is just as evil as anyone else, in fact - more so, as he knows the truth and yet witholds it from the masses.

The church is unworthy of much.

The Human Consciousness is much more worthy and DOES NOT need to be controlled by pedo priests, a money and power hungry church or those who are in desperate need of therapy and many - locked up to save our children from sexual assault.

John Bellamy


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