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The Mass Awakening of the Human Soul Consciousness

The Mass Awakening of the Human Soul Consciousness is a very real thing. Many speak about it but seem not to get to grips with the concept, so here it is easily explained for you.

by John Bellamy

Over eons of time, and after many many lives, a spirit / person will experience many things during many different incarnations in human form and will be a women and a man, gay and straight, black and white and after many lifetimes of spiritual growth as a spiritual being, eventually after yet another ' passing over ' - or death to you and me - this spiritual being will not be reborn into this reality as they have grown and evolved and because of many lessons learned over many life times, will not be re born back into this 3D Dimension, but will be re born on a higher level or incarnation - a higher dimension - call it the 4th Dimension.

1st Dimension - Bacteria and virus's.

2nd Dimension - Black and White - No Conscious thoughts, animals and wildlife and non thinking man.

3rd Dimension - Consciousness of thought and reason. Cognitive abilities. Colour and all that we know as a world and reality.

You do not need to meditate or do anything - as everyone is destined to be a part of the Mass Awakening and hanging from a tree while holding a meditation pose does not garner you special privilidges or anything at all, and while it may show your physical strength and maybe - maybe - dedication to your meditation practice, it means very little in the bigger scheme of tings as you will move on regardless of lifestyle lived, and while that seems unfair on the good guys who have worked so hard - against the bad guys who have done fuck all, but as we are all equal in the eye of God., no murderer, no rapist, no partner beater and even Hitler and Donald Trump will not go anywhere different to the rest of us as we are all - in the Universal Scheme of Things... in the Eye of God - we are all absolutely equal and all going to the same place. Call it Heaven if you wish , or a ' Moving onto a Higher Level.'

There are 9 Dimmensions.

We are on a ladder climbing the Dimensions to ' Return to God' - to reach the highest Dimension is an eternal journey over hundreds, maybe thousands of life experiences as we slowly grow and evolve and 'move on.'

Over time - individual souls have died and ' moved on' in their enlightened journey and left this 3D reality behind and moved up to a higher reality - and this has happened since the beginning of time. As we evolve over time and many lives, we die and are re born into a higher realm of reality.

This is now the time of the MASS AWAKENING OF THE HUMAN SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS... and that presumably means the time of the ' mass death' so we can be reborn. This means a lot of grief and sorrow for those still alive and picking up the pieces - but for those who have moved onto a higher level, this is a wonderful thing. This is what awaits all of us. This is what life is all about. An eternal journey to enlightenment and to being One With God - or the Universal Spirit - or whatever you call it.

All of the multiple dimentional realities are now coming together to form one main reality and this explains why so much shit is hitting the fan globally at pesent, and why the world has been, and is in, such a mess. Politically, Morally, Environmentally, Financially, and even families are breaking down, governments have lost control ( and the plot ) and with wars and destruction all over, and with the most dangeropus of men about to leave the White House and a man who could and still could cause untold harm and destruction, and every soul who has died since the 1960's has not come back here to this reality but has already moved onto the higher realms, so be at peace with your losses and the losses of the world as these beings are no longer tied to this 3D reality, they have moved on and are the blessed ones.

They have already done it while we are still struggling with this reality and the negativity that keeps peoples lives in fear.

For those who state that if we are being re born into a Higher Realm, how come there are so many people alive on the planet - means these people assume there is only a set amount of souls waiting to be born into this physial world and that we will run out of souls if and when enough people 'evolve and move on' - which is untrue. There are any amunt of sould and the ons who do make it into this reality and into this physical form are the lucky ones, the ones at the headof the queue, the ones with something special. There is not some cup of souls that will run out.

There is no such thing as an amount that will reach its end.

The human condition - the human soul - the infinite journey we are on that is connected - is solely ( souly ) connected to God, is ' ALL THAT IS' and anything is is superfluous - to the fact that we are God having an 'In Body' experience as a spiritual being and that this reality - this world, this life and all that it enables us to do, is not real.

Think about that as you sip your coffee and think about how nothing is actually real, and like in the Matrix movie - NOTHING IS REAL.

Life is an expression - an extension - of God - and without life - there - quite simply - is no God - for - WE ARE GOD.


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