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The Year Ahead - by Michael Shrimpton

The Year Ahead By Michael Shrimpton - January 22, 2023

Happy New Year all y’all! Apologies for the delayed start to my column this year. The demands of the day job, including a Habeas Corpus appeal to the UK Supreme Court, have limited my writing time I’m afraid. It’s going to be an interesting year, I suspect, better than 2022.

I might even get my Royal Pardon !

The Coronation

The big event happens on May 6th. Since it’s a Saturday there will be a Bank Holiday on Monday 8th. Naturally there will be Coronation mugs and plates. It will be the biggest piss-up since VE-Day.

The Cabinet Office wreckers in Buckingham Palace are of course trying to water the whole thing down. They’re even trying to force the King not to wear silk breeches, which is absurd. They’ll want him turning up in a smoking jacket next!

Happily there are signs that the Bad Guys, a.k.a. the Cabinet Office, are losing the battle. Plans for a mini-Coronation, thankfully, have been abandoned, although there won’t be 8,000 in the congregation. (It’s a religious as well as state occasion, so strictly it’s a congregation, not an audience.) Health and safety rules have moved on a bit since Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953, when they built tiered stands inside Westminster Abbey.

The Great Trouser Battle is also likely to be lost by the Bad Guys. I imagine that King Charles, Who respects tradition, will want to be dressed for the greatest day of His life in the same manner as His beloved grandfather and great-grandfather were.

Very few people living can remember the last Coronation. It was seventy years ago. Moreover it was only broadcast in black and white. This one will be broadcast in glorious technicolour. It’s going to be quite an event. I suspect that younger generations will be taken back by the awesome solemnity of it.

The moment when St Edward’s Crown is placed upon the King’s head will be dramatic. The continuity of the Constitution and the great responsibilities of kingship will be on display for all to see. I have not been surprised by the overwhelming support for the new King. It will only grow after the Coronation.

The Royal Palaces ought to be handed over to the King, Who should also receive the entire income from the Crown Estate, free of tax of course. It is His right. The resulting financial independence will better enable the Palace to resist pressure from the Cabinet Office.

JB Comments:

Michael Shrimpton (born 9 March 1957)[1] is an English former barrister and judge who is known for his conspiracy theories and hoaxes. He is a guest who stays at Hamilton Hall and we do love the banter and conspiracy theories we converse on - not that we share all his beliefs, but if everyone thought the same as you - and if no one ever had a different opinion - and if everything was bland and the same - how dull would life be and we need these enigmatic people, these mouthpieces with outrageous ideas, those who stir it up and put plenty in to the mix and we need those who are not afraid to speak up - as what else do we have on offer but lying politicians, thieving corporations, corrupt councils, churches that abuse, police who ignore crime, and so much more - and if nothing else, it's good for a laugh and who knows, maybe like the author David Icke - who knows if they are right and we are governed by alien reptiles - and who knows what the truth is - as you may THINK you know something - ONLY until it is proven different.

If you wish to rebuttal anything shared - or send your own editorial article / ideas on any subject to share through this weekly Blog / Newsletter from Hamilton Hall - you are very welcome and thanks to all those who do. This is not my mouthpiece it is yours - and if you do not share your opinions and thoughts, then do not complain when no one hears you.

No one on the gay community - not the ECC or Caffmos or any organisation aimed at men that we know of - offers you this, as no one else offers a regular Blog shared weekly by tens of thousands, for free and from a Not For Profit venue. Hamilton Hall is the only venue / organisation to have kept in touch throughout the Covid Pandemic with this weekly sharing and it really is your Blog.


Thanks to Michael Shrimpton for this.


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