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There are some sweet people out there...

Whenever I read something like this, it breaks my heart.
When I see how my own dog is soooo very snooty and 'up-herself ' and how she demands dinner and even barks at me from 1pm onwards because she wants feeding (which is not until 5pm ) and the audacity - which is a very Weimaraner thing and not a surprise from her breed, it does make me look at all those poor dogs out there who do not have safe and well fed home with a loving Mom or Pop making lots of loving fusses - and it breaks my heart to see how some are so cruel to these animals who so need us for so much and offer so much in return.
Dogs are the one creature who came to humans - not the other way round - and offered help and companionship. Without them we would never be able to round up sheep, ward off wild animals, guide dogs for the blind, drug sniffing dogs, pull our sledge, warn of dangers and even sense cancers in people and there are so many other things dogs are gifted at and help us feeble humans out in so many ways.

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