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Things always come in three's

Below is a copy of a letter sent to me this week from Bernard.

Bernard was a regular customer here for some years and as he got older his visits were less frequent and we did enjoy his company. He would do little magic tricks for us and always had a joke to share and he was an actual magician during his work life - and we did use to laugh and be in awe.

Then one year he sent us some home made Christmas decorations he had made, and we still have them, still use them, and the last time we spoke, probably about six months ago now, I mentioned how we still have and use them and he was amazed, assuming we'd only use them the once and then throw them away, but they are special to me... he hand made them so of course I would value and look after them., and he was tickled.

I think he would have been tickled by this joke ---

Then this week I received this letter below, and while being sad for the loss, it did make us smile the way he announced this to us in this form and with a hand written envelope in his hand writing which he must have planned all this beforehand and I find this absolutely amazing, as this is a wonderful thing to do and I am so pleased he wrote and let us know - as we would always have wondered.

I always say things go in three's and I was saying to Gary and Woody how we recently had

1) Schnorbitz died - our second ( foster ) dog aged 13 ish.

2) Our customer died here last week - see last weeks Blog.

3) Now Bernard. - Read below.

Every time I read his letter above, a tear comes to my eye. Bless him.

I seem to remember Barnard being in his 80's although most certainly didn't come over as someone in his 8th decade at all. You know how some people get old before their time while others seem years younger than they truly are - it is all in the mind - you think old you will be old, you think young - then you will be young.

Bernard was a young old man. A great laugh. A great guest and someone who always appreciated others and how we were all [part of one big family. He kept in touch which I was always delighted with and even though long periods between visits, he would write or phone and he will always be remembered.

Naturally, in 22 years many of our customers have gone to the same place - and sometimes we hear and others we surmise - and while it is sad - a man in his 80's, as he says, has been very lucky and I wish his family well, and wish his spirit to be playing in the Vegas Magic Club that is up in Heaven and he is busy wowing the Boss with his slight of hand and his funny jokes.

Bless you Bernard - Thanks for being you and for being a part of my life story as well, as it goes two ways and I am, and always will be , very very pleased to have known you.

Oh and before you go Bernard, here are some cute young things who wanted to send you their love and respect.

Oh and say Hi to Andy from us as well...

With love

John Bellamy



John: I was sad to hear about Bernard. He was such a fun man to have around and I am sure when he was younger he was the centre of any group. Lovely sweet man. I remember him well and with a smile and a laugh. Gary

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