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things to dislike & things to love

Sadly, the human mind is hard wired to accept and promote negative input. We find things to complain about before we find things to compliment. Here is a vague list of things that can / may be seen as negative, not so nice, horrible, tasteless, uninvited, unwanted - AGAINST another list of things we like, want, enjoy, desire.

What would you add to this list ...


Blackpool Bournemouth

Married men who are homosexual / homophobes. Those with an open and accepting minds.

People who become bitter with age. Old wise people who love to share their life's journey

Twinks who think they know everything Those who accept they don't know everything & willing to learn

Twinks who think they know everything sexually

Those willing to learn.

Gays who do not support gay venues

Gays who DO support the gay community

Tacky gay venues who are all about money.

Clean respectful venues that value your custom

Women's Lib - For as much as I agree 100% in women's rights - the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Equality for all and not just one sided, but as the word says - EQUALITY.

Women who think their vaginas can get them anything they want. Those who DO NOT use sex as a weapon or as a manipulative tool.

Shitty fucks - there is no excuse.


People talking to themselves in the street who are actually on the phone. Talking face to face is so much better.

Pompous upper class twits Normal every day people

Workshop facilitators who don't really know much about what they are teaching. Experience.

The Brighton gay scene.

Places without too much fucked up attitude.

Arrogance like we see from Prince Andrew

Nice people.

Daytime adverts for funeral costs and insurance


Police brutality and rudeness

Good policing.

Ursula von der Leyen the 13th President of the European Commission A child could do a better job, so - anyone.

Diane Ross - silly spoiled witch. Barbra Streisand - life with style.

America - for turning a great country into a hot bed of terrorism, gun culture, manic religions and mass murder of children in schools by fellow pupils. America - one of the most beautiful and diverse countries on the planet, a true beauty.

Those who take advantage sexually because they can. Those who allow people their own space without being harassed.

Barman in gay bars who seem to be there to cruise and not actually serve anyone.

People who offer 100% to their job and make it worth while.

Mariah Carey - silly spoiled witch Hugh Jackman - sexy fucka...

Gay men who are crap at sucking cock - no excuse.

Good sex with no instruction.