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Thousands live in their cars.

In the USA - there are tens of thousands of people all over the country living in their cars, vans and campers as rents have sky rocketed and many, while gainfully employed, simply cannot afford the rent on an apartment and have been reduced to living in this manner and the same is happening here in the UK as well.

Since starting to build my own campervan - I have become aware of dozens parked in Kings Park here in Bournemouth where people are actually living - and the more I travel around the more of these vans I see - and the more people are stepping out from rent, council tax, blah blah blah and finding is cheaper in a van - and while many are employed, this is the only way they can financially survive.

These are not bums. These are normal - YOU AND I PEOPLE - who live in their vans out of necessity - costs - and do not leave a mess and do not take advantage and often actually have jobs but simply cannot afford the rent on a flat they are only in to sleep.

You only have to miss a month or so of work, and fall behind on your rent and bills and it can easily happen to anyone.

I knew a guy back in 1998 whose lover had does of Aids and he had a big nervous breakdown because of this - he lost his job. he lost his home because he could not afford the mortgage, he ended up living in a hostel in earls Court where every day he had to take EVERYTHING HE OWNED out with him or it would be stolen and unless he went back there on time, he would loose his bed for the night to someone else, and he would be - again - on the streets.

He was 36 years of age. Not a bum. Not a drunk. Not a drug addict or anything else, he was just a man whose mental state went down hill through the grief of loosing his partner, and this crushed him. With no family or friends to support, he ended up on the streets.

I offered him a job as a sex worker under my guidance and control - so he would come to no harm, and within 3 weeks he could have earned enough to get a flat with at least 3 months rent paid and then he could start looking for a job as he now had a home, but he was horrified - absolutely horrified - at the thought of using his body to make money and I did point out that every one of us uses our bodies, one way or another, to earn a crust, and he was mortified at the thought, which I though naive under the circumstances and he actually said he would rather stay homeless than sell his body for money.

Stupid man stayed where he was.

I - while using my body to make money - earned enough in 18 months to put £33,000 cash down on an £93,000 flat and get a mortgage and eventually, sell and buy a house I sold a few years later for half a million, and this was back in 1985 - 1999 - and I am ABSOLUTELY proud of how and the way I earned my money and NO ONE can make me see it in a negative light - AT ALL - and if you try, then YOU are the one with the problem, not me.


Within mere miles of the entrance to the iconic Walt Disney World Resort, the self-proclaimed "Most Magical Place on Earth," thousands of people are desperately struggling. The stories of those experiencing homelessness in Kissimmee are harrowing, from folks struggling to pull together money to pay daily rates for hotels, to those giving up on housing altogether and resorting to living in their cars with their spouses and young children – and some of these unhoused people are Disney World employees! How can the "Most Magical Place on Earth" sit by while those that keep its door open suffer?

It's a full-blown crisis. Median rents in Kissimmee, Florida, which borders Disney, have risen by a shocking 57% to an average of $2,295 -- leaving many without any option for shelter at all. Obviously, Disney isn't solely responsible for the housing crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic and its rippling effects through the financial and physical health of communities have of course increased the number of unhoused people throughout the country.

But Disney actively contributes to housing insecurity in the region – and the rise of rents in nearby communities is of course related to the massive theme park. The onus is on a corporation to help solve problems that it actively contributes to, and there is no excuse for a company that consistently rakes in tens of billions of dollars to continue to ignore the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in its shadow.

SIGN NOW to demand that Disney care for its community and donate funds to help those suffering and struggling in Kissimmee, as well as guarantee that all of their employees have housing !





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