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'Three things I am most proud of' - by Sally Field

' Three things I am most proud of ' - by Sally Field

This moving tribute to her gay son is well worth

watching and is a wonderful piece from a mother to her son.

Laurence Olivier as Akash in 'Time-The Musical' (1986)

In a world still dominated by the likes of Trump and his homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, women abuser, white supremist, Muslin ( non Christian ) haters and general haters of anyone and anything that disagrees with Trumps vision on life, death and the universe, which has been askew to how most of us see things, but are sadly still firmly held beliefs by his bigoted followers, allowing the freedom to be who you are and live how you please really should not be anyone's business unless harm is being done to children or the law is - in some way - being broken, but when the law it the item that is broken and not up-to-date with current views and beliefs, then it is time to change the law and get rid of those holding these powerful yet outdated views and who still have the ability to vent them to the mass of 'tired and poor, huddled masses' many of whom want and desitre to remain ignorant and ' small minded' and keep the world in their rear view mirror as never changing and remaining the same.

Life though, is not like that, and change is innevitable one way or the other and when we are constantly faced with bigotry and hatred from the top down - from government officials, church higher ups, the police and even the President himself, then once we have replaced the President and we change the global view of what is considered DECENCY in all aspects of life, then and only then might we manage to move forward as a CIVILISED SOCIETY and not some rag bag old bigot weilding a gun like from some old cowboy film where the baddy thinks he can do what he wants as he has the power of the gun - and if and when the public turn against and all he can do is shoot his mouth off - ( and hopefully not his gun ) maybe by simply being drowned out with public opinion against, can anyone - can society - move forward.

John Bellamy

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