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Tier 3 for Covid and yet wants to travel to the south coast. By John Bellamy

Tier 3 for Covid and yet wants to travel to the south coast. By John Bellamy Written before the country wide lockdown.

Hi John. I live in Manchester. I was made redundant recently when the bar I worked in closed for good and I have been through a particularly tough time of it recently . I wondered if you had a vacancy for Monday 2nd November until Thursday morning. Do you have availability ? I'm just looking at my options at the moment as I'm living in a Tier 3 area. I'll probably travel down by train. Best wished. BM.

Dear John. Fed up with being in another forced lockdown here in the north and want to escape and come stay for a few days. What do you have available for next week 2nd - 8th November 2020. I await your reply....

Dear Hamilton Hall.

Not stayed with you before. What do you have available for the week of 26th October for two sharing the dorm. We live in Manchester and are currently under Tier 3 lockdown and after loosing my job and now stressed about being unemployed and in a high risk area for Covid, thought we might escape and come stay with you for a few days.


The 3 e mails above were received this week and I was astounded. People in a Tier 3 - HIGH RISK AREA, having been placed into another forced local lockdown and here they are willing to risk getting on a train and come and stay in a LOW RISK AREA - Bournemouth - and they seem to see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

I was ASTOUNDED that anyone was willing to put others at risk at a time when Covid 19 is making a massive resurgance since we all came out of the first national lockdown - ever - and is now rampaging through certain northern areas and these northeners, who are suppose to be in a local lockdown - Tier 3 is HIGH RISK - and here they are now willing to chance sharing it with anyone and everyone 'down south.' and I am actually stunned at their thoughtlesness..

They appear not to care and is EXACTLY why the north is in Tier 3 - while we responsible people of the south, so far have stayed in Tier 1 - LOWER RISK - and MOST CERTAINLY do not warrant being placed at risk by these irresponsible people who seem to only be thinking of themselves and not that of others.

I offered one accommodation before realising - and luckily, it was too expensive for him, but the others I wrote back to and barked - politely - about how I would not be offering them accommodation AT ALL - ESPECIALLY IN THE SHARED DORM WITH OTHERS - during this Covid 19 period as they had shown me how they - seemingly - didn't give a damn or a single thought towards others.

In the middle of a global pandemic and here are people willing to risk it all and endanger others and all for a few days away.

I do not care what the experts may say in contradiction to what the government is doing - I care not how many assume this is all fake - I do not listen to the Karens screaming their right to not wear a mask and I do not take any notice of the rabid mismanagement of this virus by just about everyone.

What I do know is that I do as I am told when told to stay indoors, and I will. If I am told to stay clear - I will. If I am instructed to wear a mask - I will - and this coming from the one person who has fought hard for decades against being told what to do by anyone, except when their CLEARLY is something going on that is grossly bigger than any one of us and all we can do - like a child with a parent, is follow the guidelines and stay healthy.

THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD BE DOING - is deliberately getting on a train and going to any hotel anywhere where other people are then put at risk by your actions.

It absolutely took my breath away this week after speaking to someone on the phone and the absolute and complete lack of consideration or care for others offered by one couple, was absolutely astoundingly wrong - absolutely wrong, on any level, especially as they were seeking the cheapest shgared accommodation in a room with 2 other guys.... ( although this room is not taking guests and is being converted to a Double suite.)

This web site makes it perfectly clear that we have guidelines in position for us all, customers and staff alike, and we must ALL pull our weight, do our best - OFFER our best, and help keep ourselves and others ALL as healthy and clear of Covod 19 as we can. What we do NOT do, is get on a train and travel for 5 - 6 hours to stay in a hotel that has been closed for 4 months and like all business, are busy with guests who do care, and who do take precautions and who do value what is going on globally and will take extra care without us having to remind them all the time like children.

We are all in this together and like those who deliberately spread HIV back in the 80's and 90's out of bitterness and resentment - and where after having had sex with over 25,000 men in the 80's and 90's as a sex worker and where I never caught a single thing and am still HIV Negative, I am NOT going to go all through that and all the death and all the grief to allow some fucking moron to now put me at risk because they have cabin fever and want a few days away. I'd rather close down and live in a caravan and stay true to myself, true to those who trust me to look after them at my venue and to offer my upmost in being a good person towards others throughout this pandemic.

Anyone who sees things differently can fuck off some place else as I am NOT INTERESTED and WILL NOT discuss it with them further.




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