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too many male nudes

Since the invention of the computer and mobile phones, a plethora of men have decided it is time to show the world their dick, large or small, cut or uncut, pretty and suckable or pierced, tattooed and - while every man seems to want to show off his dick to the world, most are not worth seeing as average does not cut it when up against the monsters available, but then, why shouldn't everyone enjoy their penis and want to show it off.

Or is that a little childish.

Years ago, to pick up a man for the night meant going out and finding a man either in a club or bar or even on the street or late at night in a local park / cottage - but these days with pictures of everything you have to offer - and in crystal clear HD pictures and all ' on line' - no one has to go anywhere to check out local talent as it's all there on various sites - offering whatever you want and for a small sum of between £50 - £100 per year - you can look at THOUSANDS of mens bodies and dicks and butts and wank yourself silly for free - or even arrange to meet someone - and depending on whether they are genuine or not, enjoy a night where sex in on the menu and - well - basically sex is on the menu.

If you find someone you get on well with and meet again and again and become lovers, ABSOLUTELY WELL DONE TO YOU and as 80% of people meet their partners ' ON LINE' and NOT in a bar or at work, thE world changes and pictures are important.

But what about those who are too fat - too skinny - too black - too white - too camp - too old or anything that creates disharmony for millions of men who do not do so well 'on line' as they - for some reason, just cannot score - cannot put together a half decent profile and many are also crap at taking a picture while others use pictures that are decades old.

The common complaint I hear is about TIME WASTERS who make a date and then do not turn up. Or they do and they are 6 stone heavier than thought and a decade older than the picture and NOT what the doctor ordered at all.

Internet dating has its ups and downs - its good and its bad - its wonderful and its down right dreadful, but as the main way of meeting people, other than attending Hamilton Hall and actually meeting people face to face... it seems this is the way forward for the world out there. To sit behind their computers and check out the trade in the safety and loneliness of their safe home.

Everyone has a profile somewhere these days and most of the time in neds a dick shot, and while many enjoy dick shots - a few do not and I question why they are even on these sights if they do not like naked shots - as that's how gay men score.

Nice to see a pretty face - but for many that is not enough and we want to see ' the goods' so as everyone has a camera phone these days, everyone, it seems , is photographing their genitalia and putting it on line.

I get scores of pictures of naked men every day - some from you guys and some from professional web sites that send out mass pictures and after a while it all gets a little boring.

Unless someone is hung like a horse, is extra something or other - and not just Mr. Average - sadly, they miss out as with so much variety on line to choose from, many do not do average and move on and ignore, which is so wrong as so many really nice guys get overlooked and ignored and that is wrong.

<Man's fascination with his dick and balls is nothing new and man has always ben fascinated by his genitalia but probably not more than in recent times when it is so much easier to see pictures, films and so much more with naked men showing off their wares to the world.

It is those men who assume that what they have between their legs is the beginning and the end of the world when - in fact - it aint, as we all have one - well us men that is - and why is it always the larger men with smaller weapons who seem determined to show it off to others who are simply - not interested.

Man has always had a fascination with his dock and you only have to watch small children to see how little boys have their hands down their pants all the time playing with their willy and this never ends for many man and

I remember telling my boss at work one time to take his hand out from inside his trousers when he talks to the staff as it looks childish, amateurish and unprofessional and sends a message of being unsure of himself.

He was unaware he was even doing it but as soon as he had to talk to a member of staff, down one hand would go into his pants and fumble fumble.

Maybe it made him feel secure in a job he felt insecure at - or maybe he had not been properly potty trained and told not to - and it stuck from childhood like sucking your thumb.

Most underwear also hides the dick by keeping it strictly restrained and since Andrew Christian and Wildmen make pants that offer a pouch to hang your family jewels into and allow them free movement, the joys are amazing.

Another thing. If you are taking pictures of your cock and balls at home, think about the background behind you and if you want to come and have us take some pictures - on your own phone - of your cock and balls for you - it will be put pleasure to offer a hand.


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