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Track & Trace

We were contacted by Track & Trace as someone had indicated we might have been in contact - even though all in good health.

So I went to the government web site, as indicated in the e mail I had received, and followed the instructions. It asks for a Password - which when inserted it did not like.

6 times it did not like my password and then stated it had to have more than 10 digits. Why the fuck it could not have a list of requirements for the password at the beginning instead of wasting my time and patience is beyone me, ESPECIALLY as after 5 attempts -



It REALLY does not help when a web site is set up to help that does nothing but stress already stressed people out even further by not working correctly and after being set up in such a manner that it irritates and frustrates enormously.

And this is for people who are already worried and upset at being contacted in the first place.

Hamilton Hall opened the very day before we got the e mail and have now closed again, re opening December 22nd in time for Christmas.

WARNING: Do not visit a hospital.

This is where it was caught.

This is where infections are spread and this is why we are now in lockdown again.

A friend visited a relative in hospital and within days had a temperature and was diagnosed posItive to Covid .... and caught in the hospital, and despite wearing masks and using hand gells, it seems hospitals, schools and supermarkets are the number one places of transmision and where we all need to take extra care.

The NHS works so hard and long hours and do things many of us would be nervous about - and top marks to them all, BUT - HOSPITALS ARE NOT CLEAN - and despite all the hand gells and masks, hospitals are to be avoided where you can.


So Hammy Hall is closed again after just re opening and we shall be back open again in time for Christmas and where we are all responsible, all as liable, all as susceptible and all as likely as anyone else of catching this Covid and all as likely to pass it on.


I have just had words with an arrogant American who assumes the world owes him something and being a doctor loves to show off his credentials on his e mails and he is coming to the UK on a ship, which is NOT a place I would venture to travel on, thousands of people crammed together on a ship is a breeding ground for Covid and absolute madness to even consider. He asked where we were after telling me he had seen our web site, and I appreciate I could have told him but answered ' Google it ' - like everyone else has to do or better yet, if as he states he was on my web site, why was he asking, it is what the web site is for, to save me answering thousands of redundant questions all answered on-line for you to take your time with.

He was offended that I didn't jump to his words and answer immediately and as I told him to Google it - he was all upset at someone not bowing to his command and not kissing his fucking ass... He turned into a right prick in conversation which - as I told him, I just find childish and immature and how he could say and do what he likes, but he will not be welcome at Hamilton Hall especially after being rude to me.

You see, I don't have to take crap from people as this is my venue, my rules, my guidelines and my life,. If I don't like you or you are rude to me - I can and I will and I do tell people to go take a fucking jump... as I do not have to put up with peoples attitude problems and do not need custom like that as they would only spoil it for others staying.

There are a lot of fucked up gay people out there and this is not mental health, this is fucked

up arrogant ego, and that is most certainly not welcome here.

Not sure anyone had spoken to him like this before and as with many arrogant ego maniacs, he didn't like it. ha ha ... and it just made me laugh.

Oh I suppose this is somewhat like Trump. Hates people standing up to him and hates rejection. Well, he has certainly been rejected and just see how he doesn't like it... He's a loser.

Take care people. Stay safe.

John Bellamy

Trying to order 'on line' at Tesco - forget it - between 8 - 14 days BEFORE a home delivery can be made so just as well we have plenty of food in...

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