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Trump’s “personal pastor” Paula White is losing it over a possible Biden victory

A video of her speaking in tongues and requesting "angelic reinforcement" from Africa and South America has gone viral.

As if you ever needed proof that many who work from within the religious institutions / cults / be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim or anything you care to mention, were unstable and 'not together

' - these people who supposedly work with God to help and assist mankind;- then by watching this video of Trump's own personal pastor, it may shed some light on why he is nuts, and why so many others are nuts, when this - this ' women' speaking in tongues, or more likely she is just blathering absolute gargage and pretending to be this - ' Pastor of God' - is why.

God would be absolutely ashamed of people like her. God would take one look at this video and go -

' What the fuck is this white trash women doing in my name ?'

and before you claim that God would not swear - 'Who do you think made up the word in the first place.... '


So enjoy this mad woman ranting and enjoy the site of a women loosing her career as from now on people will look on in wonder WTF - and as for the guy walking deliberately back and forth, TRULY he though it crap as well and was making a point... that she ought to be on Britains Got Tallent and where Simon Cowell can tell her she is useless and needs to find a new career as this one really has no future.

Talking in toungues is just Talking Gibberish and if God wanted people to speak to us then why choose a language that no one understands and comes out as utter gibberish. If a child did this we would send them to bed with no tea and be told to behave. When an adult stands up and makes a fool of themselves in this manner, many assume it is the word of God ( WHY ??? ) and revere the messanger when all they are is someone with mental health problems going off in to a turn and some assume it is God when it is really just someone with mental health attention grabbing..

It is no more God that Mickey Mouse -

What it is - is a women loosing it.

And this is suppose to be religious ?

This is suppose to be how we hear God's words ?

This is suppose to represent a messanger from God ?

Sorry, but not today sister. I suggest you go have a nice cup of tea and take your medication and -

' Nurse - Nurse - She's out of bed again...

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