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Twinks to get you stiffy. X RATED

When does a TWINK become a man.

I came out at 16. Had a lover for over 8 years who was 42 when we met and remember, I was 16.

I was seen as 'his chicken' and today this would be called ' a twink.'

Twink is gay slang for a young man in his late teens to early twenties whose traits may include: general physical attractiveness; a slim to average build; and a youthful appearance that may belie an older age. It demonstrates a certain level of innocence and naivety and usually a twink is sexually passive.

So when does someone stop being a twink / chicken and become a man?

My lover at 16 may have been the older man with the life and sexual experience which I Iacked, and he may have been 'top' to me being the ' bottom' - but even then it was always noted - especially by him., that my dick was much larger than his was and although I rarely fucked as I was passive ( in those days ) it was well known amongst all our friends that I was the one with the dick and everyone stated that one day when I turned top I will be in great demand, and the thought then of being a top was not even in my vision, but as I got older and my dick got more and more attention - it took someone saying to me one day ;-

'John, anyone can get fucked. No big deal. Everyone has an asshole. Not many - actually very few - have dicks your size and then many MANY don't have a clue how to use it properly and many fuckers are actually crap fuckers and if I had a dick like yours I would bloody well be using it.'

and that turned me into a top as I wanted to see what this was like, and I went from a chicken / twink to being a man and my whole image changed. My whole aura colours changed. My personality changed and as I began to take more control over my own sex life and what I did with others instead of just doing as told, I became aware that I made a damned good top and I was at last a man ( excuse me ... says who ??? ) and started to make MY demands sexually and what I wanted and not JUST what the other person wanted as - when you have the dick, you have the power - and when you have the power, cities will fall and empires will crumble and all for a big fat dick...

ha ha

Naturally, as I have always said, size does not matter as long as you enjoy your dick, make love to your dick and understand what it can do for you ... as the best sex in all the world ... is a wank. ( or a sheep ... ha ha )