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I have an identical twin brother that some of you have met. I am the older and my brother is married grandfather with 2 delightful daughters and 3 grandchildren. He is much quieter than me and just lets me get on with it - so no resentment or jealousy like - sadly - destroys so many family relationships. I have met loads of gay men who have a twin brother who like me- is the straight one, but I have - as far as I know - never met a pair of twins where they were both gay. It would be somewhat confusing for someone not knowing which was which BUT when you get how different they are as twins, even being identical, the differences make it obvious and once learned, they never look like twins to you again.

I always teased my brother and said that if he had been gay and we advertised as sex workers together - TWINS WITH 18 INCHES BETWEEN THEM... can you imagine the business ???


Take these two guys below. On the left, he is fuller faced than the one on the right. The slimmer one will be the oldest of the twins. He is the alpha;- The first born ;- He is the one with the larger personality, and will always be lighter and slimmer in weight. It is also very common for the older twin - be it girl or boy - MIND - I point out I am talking about IDENTICAL TWINS and NOT - PATERNAL TWINS - will often be LGBT while the younger is often 'straight'.

Paternal Twins are 2 eggs - so 2 children born in the same womb.

Identical twins are one egg that splits.

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Some twins spend most of their lives living being a twin. They dress the same, speak the same, finish each others sentences and so forth and this is not normal, even for twins. Twins are separate [people with separate minds and my brother and I may share a lot of similarities, but we have our own lives and loves and while we share many similarities, we do not spend our lives being twins... attention seeking.



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