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Uganda’s president signs horrific “Kill the Gays” law. The Biden administration is reevaluating aid.

The law has drawn international condemnation, including from President Biden and Texas Republican Ted Cruz.

By John Russell Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Uganda’s president has signed into law a bill that imposes the death penalty for certain homosexual acts. It has been called one of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the world and has drawn international condemnation.

On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni signed the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, which was passed by the Ugandan parliament in March. All but two of the Christian-majority nation’s 389 MPs voted for the bill.


US evangelicals had a hand in Uganda’s revived “Kill the Gays” billWestern evangelical groups have spent millions promoting anti-LGBTQ+ ideas in Uganda.

While homosexual sex was already punishable by life imprisonment in Uganda under the country’s colonial-era penal code, the new law imposes a life sentence for “recruitment, promotion and funding” of same-sex “activities” and even bans identifying as LGBTQ+.

It makes what the law describes as acts of “aggravated homosexuality” punishable by the death penalty. As Politico notes, the law defines “aggravated homosexuality” as same-sex relations involving HIV-positive people, children, or other vulnerable people.

President Joe Biden called for the law to be immediately repealed.

“The enactment of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act is a tragic violation of universal human rights — one that is not worthy of the Ugandan people, and one that jeopardizes the prospects of critical economic growth for the entire country,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House on Monday.

Noting that reports of violence and discrimination against Ugandans perceived to be LGBTQ+ have risen since the bill was introduced, Biden said that he has directed his National Security Council to “evaluate the implications of this law on all aspects of U.S. engagement with Uganda, including our ability to safely deliver services under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and other forms of assistance and investments.”

Biden said that his administration would also incorporate the impacts of the law into its review of the East African nation’s eligibility for the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and that it was considering applying “sanctions and restriction of entry into the United States against anyone involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption.”


This manic craze going on in many countries of blaming the LGBT community for GROOMING KIDS, and the GAY AGENDA - which apparently the straight world knows all about while an out gay man of more than 50 years has never even heard of, and that it is often those who scream the loudest who are doing the most harm.

It has been proven over and over again that over 90% of child abuse comes from the straight community and NOT the LGBT community.

It has also been proven that most paedophiles and groomers, ARE KNOWN TO THE FAMILY, and often make up Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts etc. --- and - well you get the picture.

It is and can be - the odd ball living down the road - but all too often is actually a family member or a close friend of the family who is abusing / grooming and worse - children.

This manic craze of blaming drag queens - for God's sake - is pathetic as you couldn't meet a more harmless group of people - and as for trans people grooming kids - WHAT THE FUCK FOR ? Trans have enough problems on their plate without scared men throwing lies and misinformation about others and all the lies and misinformation is more likely a smoke screen to hide their own perverted abusive ways, so throw the blame at someone else and hope it sticks and gets you out of the shit.

LGBT have existed for all time. There are gay stories in the Bible.

Nowhere does it state in Biblical writings that being homosexual is wrong.

The word didn't even exist in ancient times.

When it talks about two men laying together as with a woman, it also says you should not eat crab and lobster, rabbit and pork. You must not grow two different crops in the same field or mix two different fabrics together. There are many guidelines - rules - in Leviticus and many ignore most of it but still hold dear to the bit about two men should not lay together while enjoying a crab sandwich and wearing a cotton and polyester shirt - both equally as wrong in Leviticus.

The fear based rhetoric at play here in Uganda is one of fear. Religious dogma is at play at the foundation of all homophobia and the fear that those doing the loudest screaming against, are actually LGBT themselves and living in fear, so hide by damning others and claiming to be a good Christian straight person while abusing others silently.

It is impossible to ' eradicate LGBT' as one American politician stated recently as who knows who is LGBT as not all are out and proud and not all live in the open, and most of those screaming against would have to join the queue for extermination as many - MANY are closet cases.

This is spreading. America is close to destroying the LGBT laws to suit the Republican far Right agenda of destroying those who do not vote Republican. The manic craze against Drag Queens and Trans is also gaining ground and is out of control and there will be murders and beatings and many within the LGBT community who have fought for acceptance, currently see that acceptance eroding - fast - as the ignorant public believe the crap they read and the fear based rhetoric spewed from mouths of hate filled people - and let's face it people - the Republican Party is FULL of hate filled people - and the LGBT community IS UNDER ATTACK ONCE AGAIN and we have GOT TO STAND TOGETHER TO SURVIVE THIS.

It may be America, but it is spreading fast.

Those who have grown up being protected by LGBT laws are in for a shock - unlike us oldies who had to fight to get these laws changed - and us oldies who know what it was like with police harassments - beatings and even murder - just for being gay - and a whole young generation will have a hard lesson to learn and it will certainly beat the arrogance and attitude out of them when the hate filled mob comes - whipped up by politicians more interested in votes than people - more interested in making a name for themselves than being part of any community and where Biblical misinterpretation of certain parts of a much bigger book is used to damn and destroy instead of spreading love and light.

Uganda. Clearly ruled over by those living in decades past and who have not evolved and grown and become part of the 21st century. Ruled by those living in fear of a gay man.... how pathetic is that, as if there are not more important things to concentrate on but as usual, it comes down to sex.


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