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ULEZ camera van slapped with £110 fine 'for illegal parking'

Story by Rachael Burford

A camera van used to police the Ulez expansion was slapped with a £110 fine after it appeared to be parked illegally.

The TfL enforcement vehicle received the ticket when it pulled up on the pavement in Cambridge Road, Kingston on Tuesday.

It was spotted by independent councillor James Giles, who immediately called in the borough's traffic wardens.


He told the Standard: "There are plenty of legal places to park in that area. It causes problems for people with mobility issues, but also damages our highway to have heavy vans parked on the pavement like that.

"I thought it was important to send a message that they are not above the law."

Motorists are not allowed to park on urban roads with their vehicle's wheels on pavements, grass verges or any land between carriageways.

A TfL spokesman said it would remind its drivers of their responsibilities and the contractor responsible will be paying the fine.

Mayor Sadiq Khan expanded the Ulez to the London boundary at the end of August in a bid to help clean up the city's toxic air.

It sees the drivers of older, more polluting cars face a £12.50-a-day charge.

TfL is believed to be using vans to enforce the restrictions after hundreds of static cameras were torn down or vandalised by so-called blade runners.

The vans do not directly say they are policing the clean air zone, but have Transport for London markings as well as signs that they are carrying ANPR cameras.

Mr Giles added: "A lot of the Ulez cameras have been cut down in my ward in Kingston so we have seen a greater number of these vans around.

"While I don't agree with the Ulez expansion, I also don't agree with these 'blade runners' tearing the cameras down.

"If people want to oppose it then there is a democratic way to do so and that is at the Mayoral election next May."

The Met is currently investigating almost 800 cases of Ulez devices being defaced or stolen.

A TfL spokesman said: “TfL fully supports the use of highway authority powers to enforce against parking in unauthorised locations.

"We will remind drivers of their responsibilities and our contractor, who will be paying the penalty charge notice.”



And so they damned well should pay the fine. Too damned right.

I have to admit to laughing when I found this article and knew it had to go on the Blog here for you. It is always good when the authorities who Lord it over us all and are as corrupt and incompetent at their jobs and assume they are above the law - ARE NOT, and as in this case, get done for it and exposed to the public.

Good. Good. Good.

It never fails to amaze how many people in authority like the police, break the law - by parking in dangerous places causing and creating problems, and no one faces a fine.

I remember when a whale came swimming up the Thames River in London ( several decades ago ) and got stuck, and an assortment of people from the RSPCA and other organisations helping with the creature were advised BY THE POLICE WHERE TO PARK in order to facilitate getting the whale back to the sea ( sadly if memory serves, it died ) - AND SOME MORONIC PARKING OFFICER GAVE THEM ALL PARKING TICKETS.


It beggars belief. It absolutely beggars belief. One set of rules for them and another for the public.

I had a friend killed - some 40 years ago - by an off duty police officer driving at 90mph in a 50mph zone and the officer claimed he was practising speed driving as part of his job ( remember he was off duty ) and he got away with it and no charges were brought even though he had killed a young man in his 20's. One set of rules for them and another for us.


Your Comments:

Good they got a ticket. So they should. No one is above the law but so many in this woke society seem to assume they are.



I did laugh when I read the article on the ULEZ van getting a ticket. Goody goody. Lawrence





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