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un christian christians.

“My parents were loaning me their car while mine’s in the shop. Their car has a sticker on the back window that says ‘Jesus Loves’. Now, I am not a Christian, but it’s not my car, so c’est la vie;- Well, I was going to the store with my mother, and we just got back into the car when someone knocked on the window. I rolled my window down because I thought I might’ve dropped something or another. Apparently, this elder couple saw it. When I rolled my window down, they started with the usual jargon: ‘God is good,’ ‘Jesus saves,’ that kind of


“Now like I said, I’m not a Christian, but I don’t want to start arguments about this kind of stuff.”

“My personal ideology is, ‘You’re religious? Good for you. I’m not gonna disrespect that unless you disrespect me or my beliefs first.'”

“So, I just put on a smile and conversed with them a bit. It was easy since I was raised in a Christian household. I shook their hands (I frequently use hand sanitizer and am fully vaccinated) with a ‘God Bless’ and left the parking lot.”

“Well, my mom started reaming into me.”

“I don’t want to go into the whole conversation, but to sum it up, she essentially said, ‘If I’m not a man of faith, I shouldn’t act like one. It’s disrespectful to the faith and you’re just lying to them.' I kind of understand where she’s coming from, but in my eyes, it didn’t hurt anyone, right? I mean, what did she expect me to do ? Flip them off, say ‘Hail Satan,’ and speed off? I feel that would’ve been more disrespectful.”

John Bellamy Responds:

“Let me see if I got this right. You were raised in a devoutly religious family and made a decision otherwise, which I presume they were displeased about. You encounter people of faith in a parking lot, who intrude on your personal space by knocking on the car window. You politely lower it and endure a few Hosannas… which I will also presume was uncomfortable for you. You neither acknowledged nor denied your spiritual beliefs. You simply lowered your window in response to a request to do so. And, instead of saying what was on your mind about the topic at hand, and/or their unwanted intrusion into your personal space and property, you listened and smiled.”

" Your mother, who obviously feels so strongly about religion and the need to announce if not proselytize that she needs to proclaim it on the back of the car, hears this story of true grace, patience, and tolerance on your part… turning the other cheek.., and instead of feeling all warm and fuzzy, or Spirit-filled, is instead filled with emotional flatus.”
“I’d say she’s the one who is seriously in need of re-examining her ‘Virtue’ as it seems displaced by self-righteous indignation, emphasis on that last word.”
“WWJD (What would Jesus do)? What you did, ironically. Proving once again that true righteousness is not the exclusive domain of those who just feel entitled.”
Being a good person is not the Christian way.
Doing anything good and decent and kind and thoughtful of others and sharing the best of yourself is not being a good Christian at all and how damned arrogant of Christians to assume this is only available to you if you are a Christian.
Doing anything good is the HUMAN WAY - and is not owned and dominated by being a Christian as that is saying only Christians do the Christian thing, when the Christian thing is simply to be a nice person, an honest person, a caring loving and thoughtful person, and stating that this is only the domain of Christians is evil, wicked and saying all else are wrong.
Not that Christian at all then, is it ?

I don't talk to one family member much because she is a very religious women and she does not like it when I talk about the Bible and how it was edited or anything alternative at all and she and her husband are very sweet and kind people but so shut off to the realities of her religion and the history behind the writings she so takes to heart and believes in - which I am very proud of as at least she never turned to drugs and drink and took her panties off in the bar and threw them around her head ( no - that was me ... ) and has always walked the straight and narrow, and good for her, it is just not my world and I work with God and Jesus and Mohammed and even the Dali Lama and any prophet from any religion that says beautiful enlightening things that resonate with me as being good and decent , as it does not make it Christian, it makes it the decent human thing to do and religion of any kind has absolutely nothing to do with how we treat each other, which should be in a decent manner - PERIOD.

So much for some Christians then .



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