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uncut rules.

As a sex worker, I held and wanked tens of thousands of dicks over the years and come to one conclusion... UNCUT IS BEST - Just my preference, even though I am cut myself.


Many - and I sadly mean - MANY - uncut men need a little attention paying to their foreskin as it is too tight, does not come back, dribbles which leads to a smelly dick and on many an occasion, the dick is deformed because of the tight tight tight foreskin. Parents should have paid attention and taught the boy child how to pull his foreskin back and make sure it is clean underneath ;- as an adult, there are too many tight, smelly foreskins that just revolt.

If and when you find a decent dick with a decent foreskin, there really is nothing better to play with.

So you guys with nice long foreskins that come back, to the front please. My mouth is already watering...