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All events cancelled last year - 2020 - because of Covid 19 - can choose a date some time within the next year - 2021 - to take their planned and paid for event - as long as it does not interfere with another planned event. Please ask for details and we will do what we can to help. This is a FREE SERVICE. Please offer your SURNAME - CANCELLED RESERVATION DATE - MONIES PAID and your e mail address if and when you contact us concerning re booking a cancelled trip. If you can send your e mail receipt from Hamilton Hall for the event that was cancelled, all the better. If we are not offering the same event as you had planned, please choose another, and if you wish to cancel altogether, there is no refund. July 1st - August 30th - NAKED SUMMER MONTHS August 20th - 22nd - NAKED PHOTOGRAPHY WEEKEND August 28th - 31st - AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY September 2nd - 5th BOURNEMOUTH AIR SHOW September 10th - 12th - LATE SUMMER NAKED CHILL OUT September 17th - 19th - RED PLAY WORKSHOP - X RATED THROGHOUT September 24th - 26th - NAKED PHOTO WEEKEND October 1st - 3rd - SCRABBLE WEEKEND - half full already October 15th - 17th - NAKED MASSAGE COURSE October 22nd - 24th - COCK & BALLS WORKSHOP November 5th - 7th - OAP WEEKEND Novembet 12th - 14th - SCI FI WEEKEND - Star Trek / Star Wars / Dr. Who /Babalon 5 - and so much more. November 26th - 28th - NAKED CHILL OUT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL December 23rd - 27th / 28th - CHRISTMAS AT HAMILTON HALL Dec 30th - Jan 2nd 2021 - NAKED NEW YEAR If you can suggest a weekend event - let us know - but please keep it sensible and legal. If you wish to bring a party of 8 total, we will offer a special discount and book the entire venue out for you. You can also rent the whole venue for your own event. Ask for details.


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