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Utility Bills & Role Models, all are hard to believe.

Thank goodness winter is almost over . With gas and electric prices soaring out of control the only ones here making money are the utility companies and the government while the rest of us either shiver or spend all our cash on the heating bills, and many will go cold.
My own gas bills have more than doubles, while the hotel is empty, rooms have the heating switched off until required and where only the basic heating is on and where we cut down as and where we can, yet I pay £40 PER WEEK IN VAT AND Climate Levy Tax combined JUST ON MY GAS BILL.... and that is not for the gas but just the tax on the gas.

So that is £2,000 a year in tax on my gas bill alone. This is besides the cost of the gas.

Same goes for my electric.

Same goes across the board as everything from water and sewage, collection of my rubbish and even my internet connection have all increased way beyond the Rate of Inflation and this coming at a time when the world is still -

crippled because of Covid -

crippled with fear of what is happening in Russia and Ukraine -

crippled with employment fears after P&O broke the law and got away with it by firing 800 crew to be replaced with untrained crew at below minimum wage -

crippled business's struggle to come out from so many closed periods and any savings and monies paid by the government only goes so far -

crippled by fear, after working from home for so long the thought of going back to the office is dreaded by many - and crippled still with the uncertainty of the future and what it holds for us as individuals and as a country.

Yet the sun is shining.

The sky is blue, even if a pale winter blue.

It may be cold out today but spring is also here and th daffodils have been out for weeks and - that means summer is fast approaching. So what do we do to starve of depression, or keep these random fears that crop up in the middle of the night and keep us awake for hours worrying, at bay - When the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket ( what a strange expression ) and we feel impotent to do anything about it, maybe it is time to take a step back, realise and work on the things you can change - and realise the things you cannot change, and pay attention to the ones that affect you personally and where you can make a difference. That is not to say you need to ignore world events, but there is no need to get yourself bogged down in them.

I remember 911 - watching every news cast and every programme about the planes going into the World Trade Centres - and I just kept watching as if I was going to see something different this time, maybe the plane will miss... who knows, but after a while I had to take a step back and pay attention to what was going on, but once or twice a day to watch the world news is enough, and there is no need to drown yourself in negative news all day and all night when you learn nothing new and just get yourself all upset and fearful.

Concentrate on your world. - Which for many might have seemed to have closed in around them this last 2 years and many want to expand their wings and spread themselves out - as before - and not be small but global - but the time is still not right and the world is not ready and the people - well - too many have suffered and too many are taking it out on others and too many 'Karens' and too many bigots and it seems some of the old prejudices have resurfaced in many and big business like P&O are back to their old bad behaviour attitude and whether it be government led of corporate led, too much fraud and deception - FAKE NEWS - abounds and the people don't know who to believe or who to trust.

When our own Prime Minister repeatedly lies about parties at Number Ten when he knows damned well he broke his own rules and it trying like some stuck up toffee nosed public school boy - to pretend it never happened and therefore, in his minds eye, it didn't - while the rest of us bark and he just rides over it with an atmosphere of incredulous disbelief.


As if nothing or no one can touch him.

Such arrogance.

Then this week we see that if someone says a joke you do not like, you have the right to go slap the person who made the joke and nothing will be done.

Will Smith was disgusting for slapping the edgy comedian Chris Rock. Glad to say that some time later it seems Will Smith realised to his horror - what he had done - as he showed the world that violence is right - that aggression and shouting others down, is right, and that making a scene in front of hundreds of people in the theatre that evening and millions / billions around the world. So Will Smith showed that it is okay to be violent in the face of a joke he did not like.

He showed that when you assume you are a star - you can do what you like.

The arrogance knows absolutely no bounds.


Sop what role models do children have these days when we see Trump and Boris BLATANTLY lie and manipulate the truth to suit themselves - and we see mega stars throwing violent strop and this - the children take note of and will cope.

What does that say for our future generation m?





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