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We are not prepared to accept people putting others at risk of catching Covid. If you are a Vaccine / Covid denier you are not welcome at Hamilton Hall

I threw one couple out who thought it all a joke and giggled throughout my request for input about being vaccinated or not - and when they announced they refused the vaccine and loudly assumed we were all stupid and like sheep for following along with health rules, they were thrown out so fast - with no refund - nothing.

They were gob smacked and said I didn't have the right, but as private property - even with a reservation, if anyone plays silly games like this, we have every right and the government and the police will back us up to take whatever sensible and legal actions we see fit to protect ourselves and our customers.

This pandemic is not a joke and anyone offering the same attitude will be deal with in the same manner.

If you want to stay safe, be sensible, watch out for yourself and those around you and not just close friends and family but everyone you come into contact with, and if you show a reasonable and mature approach to this pandemic - you are very welcome to attend Hamilton Hall.

If you are a Vaccine or Covid denier, we will refuse your booking and take strict action to ban you from the building and no refund for any booking made.

After all we have been through - I am NOT about to allow anyone to destroy my business and the health of myself, my staff and customers and all because you feel this to be fake with absolutely no evidence to back it up, and where we all perceive your actions to be none other than you are attention seeking - me me me - pay me attention - and this is at a time when it is up to us all to pull together and not pull apart and if your actions are contrary to ours, then goodbye and good luck. You are out of here - no refund, no bed for the night, you are out. Period. If you have no way of getting home or cannot find alternative accommodation - TOUGH - you should have thought about that before YOUR CHOICE - to be a Covid / Vaccine Denier and assume it okay to stay in a small hotel where you are putting others at risk.

During the second lockdown in 2020 someone asked if they could host an OPEN HOUSE FUCK PARTY at Hamilton Hall where he wanted strange guys to just wander into the hotel and go to his room for a fuck party with dozens of guys and when I was outraged and said loud and clear NO YOU FUCKING CANNOT - he tuned all bitchy and even had the temerity to leave a negative response on Trip Advisor - HERE - which did astound me that he was that stupid, that uncaring, that fucked up, he actually thought he was in the right and had the right to complain and leave a negative response, and friends - WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT HIM - HUH ? What an appalling human being. What a vile man. What a shameful example of a gay man and he does us no favours at all.

I offered someone I do not know, a few days for free as after a 30 year relationship, his partner died of Covid a month ago and it left him distraught, so we offered a few days as my guest to help him get through this period. Those who deny - those who say it is fake - those who think it all a conspiracy and that Bill Gates is involved and to those who assume we are all gullible fools, TELL THAT TO THE MAN WHO LOST HIS PARTNER AFTER 30 YEARS TO COVID - TELL THAT TO THE OVERWORKED NURSES ON THE COVID WARDS AND SEE HOW ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH YOU LOOK AND WHAT A VILE HUMAN BEING YOU HAVE TURNED INTO.

HIV / AIDS Decades ago - THOUSANDS of gay men around the world refused to believe there was such a thing as HIV / AIDS and refused to curtail their sex lives and died in their 20's and 30's - in their prime and all because they refused to believe what was happening right in front of their very eyes ;- gay men dropping like flies - and STILL they fucked with no thought of protection and besides becoming infected with HIV, they also passed it onto others and so - murdered them by lack of care and attention of a pandemic which swept through the gay community and killed almost a whole generation of young gay men in their prime - yet still there were those who said it was fake and sometimes, there is no answer, no response, no reasoning with some fools who simply do not want to hear it - so we ban them, ignore them, de friend them - warn others - stay away and leave them to their own deadly devises and get on without them knowing, as I did all those decades ago, I will survive this and will remember some fools who died through lack of their own responsibility, but the vast majority will be forgotten in time and lost in the annals of time NOT to be remembered - at least - not with any affection.

I was a sex worker back then fucking men for money and shagged tens of thousands - and I always wore a condom and practiced safe sex - always - and am still HIV Negative and alive and kicking to tell the tail whereas those who denied it was real have been dead for over 35 years and all because they could not / would not - they refused to listen - and died in their prime. Their choice. Life is made up of choices. We all make them every day.

Some we stick with.

Some we do not.

This is one I am sticking with until told otherwise from an authoritative person and not some moron who heard it in the pub.

My best friend has been banned temporarily because he is anti vax and he is not allowed in the building - at least until this is all over. It is up to every one of us to do our bit and those who do not, they are not welcome here

This will of course change if and when we are advised to do so and if and when I personally feel it is safe to do so.

People take note. People are aware. Maybe after this is all over, it will cost some dearly as people walk away - not prepared to tolerate such stupidity.

To the deniers, the fantasists' out there - when you learn and when you grow in maturity and sense, you are very welcome, but not under the present conditions and if and when this is all over, people will remember who has and who has not done anything for them during this lengthy period and friendships will flounder, relationships cease, groups forced to close, venues cease and many will find that their actions have isolated them as many pull away from those they perceive to be fucking morons who have shown their true colours during this period and colours and actions most want nothing at all to do with.

I have had hundreds of e mails - hundreds and hundreds, throughout this pandemic thanking us for - The Blog - The pictures - The laughter - The serious information shared - The compassion and understanding - The ' knowing you are there John ' - and the fact that we show we care, as we do, and all for just being good people offering a hand of friendship with no hidden agendas at all, but to be a friend there if and when you need.

'Always With Love '
John Bellamy


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