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Various news items you might find interesting:

Elderbrook & Rudimental - Something About You. A Powerful Allegory for Men's Depression & Group Therapy.

Men can feel isolated with their emotions and nervous of sharing, whether it be with a partner or in group therapy.

Mens mental health is seen as a weakness by some but as a strength if we can just talk and share and come together and support each other.

This music video shows the struggles we men face and how we often face those challenges alone. It also shows how group therapy can work -- by trusting others - as at Hamilton Hall we are here to help lift us all UP and to build friendships that support and nurture.

London Pride cancelled with implausible excuse CLICK HERE TO READ

Team LGBTQ finishes 7th in the Olympics medal count, a testament to being out.

Some items below are accessed through
Russia's Olympic media coverage was homophobic & transphobic. LGBT+ athletes denounced as perverts, an abomination & psychopaths. CLICK HERE TO READ
Victory! Ghana court drops case against 21 LGBT+ activists Illegally arrested for holding a human rights seminar! They broke no law! CLICK HERE TO READ
Batman's Robin just came out as bisexual And he scores himself a hot date! CLICK HERE TO READ
Una Stubbs, actor in Sherlock and Till Death Do Us Part, dies aged 84. READ IT HERE

Prince Andrew allegations: Met chief says ‘no one is above the law. READ IT HERE

Nurse suspected of injecting thousands with saline solution instead of COVID vaccine. READ IT HERE Fight breaks out after woman opens stranger's car to 'save dog' in 30' heat. READ IT HERE Surf school owner claims ‘Qanon inspired him to kill his two children with spear gun.’

Women fined £5,800 after flying from Sydney to Melbourne while infected with Covid.

'Cynical' Covid fraudster is jailed for more than three years for 'injecting' 92-year-old woman living alone with fake vaccine after posing as NHS employee to con her out of £140. READ IT HERE

Of all the items here that disgusted me, this man on the right, is absolute as low as a human can get. Imagine conning an old lady into thinking you were giving her the Covid Vaccine when all you were doing was stealing her money. I consider this to be an appalling act of cruelty and he deserves every minute he spends in prison and I hope he learns not just a lesson on how cruel he was, but how to douche, cos he's gonne need it. This man is absolute scum. The lowest of the lowest and I can just imagine how others in the prison will respond to the likes of him.



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