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Vegan foods maker 'Meatless Farm' sacks almost entire workforce

Story by Daniel Woolfson, Matthew Field

A plant-based meat manufacturer has made the majority of its staff redundant amid a drop in demand for vegan products.

Meatless Farm, which makes vegan sausages, mince, and burgers, hired restructuring specialists Kroll in May in hopes of finding a buyer for the business as it faced running out of cash.

The company, whose LinkedIn indicates employs around 100 staff, let go of many of them on Friday, according to sources close to the situation. The exact number of redundancies is not known.

Meatless Farm filed notice that it planned to appoint administrators on 31 May, however it is understood that no administrator has yet been appointed.

The company was founded by Danish entrepreneur Morten Toft-Bech in 2016 as demand for plant-based products began to rise in the UK.

As well as vegan sausages, mince and burgers, the company has launched products including vegan pasties, plant-based ravioli and a “chickenless” Christmas roast.

Sales have grown steadily over recent years but the business has failed to turn a profit. Its latest results show revenues almost doubled from £7.5m to £12.5m in 2021 but losses increased from £15.4m to £23.5m.

JB COMMENTS: People who quit smoking get up my nose when around smokers. They forget how they use to puff on the weed and then after they quit they turn into condescending pricks, screwing up their noses, picking fault, moaning about the smell etc. and there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker.

If you were a smoker and now have quit, good for you. Just DO NOT patronise or condescend towards others if they want to smoke.

Same goes for vegetarians.

Decades ago I had a vegetarian flat mate and he condescended to me chronically about eating meat - and in return I reminded him his shoes were leather, he wore leather chaps and waistcoats to the leather bars and he certainly found fault in those who eat meat while, actually, being a hypocrite.

He eventually turned Vegan after some 15 years as a vegetarian and for 6 months strictly adhered to the vegan diet but eventually gave it up as he was loosing too much weight and while he said he felt fine, the choices of foods back in the 80's and 90's for vegans was limited. He tended to cook and eat the same thing all the time - and when vegetarian, he did likewise, always much the same dishes all the time.

It seems, the mass craze pushed down out throats as the way forward to SAVE THE PLANET was for us all to adopt a more plant based diet, which I admire and support - to a degree - but unfortunately for all the arrogance, for all the condescending attitudes and for all the patronising we meat eaters get from vegies and vegans, it would seem that the need for vegan alternatives in in dramatic decline as most supermarkets find they are selling less and less vegan food stuff and less and less people are tempted with that lifestyle.

I agree, we need to eat less meat.

I agree we need to treat animals kinder and harvest less animals for the food markets.

I agree that the way we raise animals is often cruel and harmful to the environment.

I agree that animal farming can be very cruel and inhuman and I agree there is much that needs to be thought through and put into practice to lower the death rate from cancers caused by diet - and meat is a factor in that.

Yes I agree that the way we have all been brainwashed since the war to eat more and more meat products by a governing body who do not want to loose their handle on this multi billion $ and £ market, both here and abroad - and the meat marketing people do not want to ' rock the boat' and wish to keep things as they are.

At the expense of the publics health.


Too much meat in our diet.

Too much sugar

Too much fat

Too much bad stuff is in our breakfast cereals, in processed meats, in almost everything we buy ready made - and we DO NOT - EVER - need to drink milk again after adolescence until death - as no animal in the wild suckles to its Mothers Teat for the rest of its life and they CERTAINLY do not suffer a Calcium deficiency... and neither do humans if they give up dairy milk despite adverts telling us otherwise.

So like the STOP OIL protestors who glue themselves to the roads, who damage paintings in galleries and scale bridges disrupting traffic and end up with a 3 year prison term, these people may think they hold the Moral Card for the whole of humanity, but obviously, they do not. Or at least - have grossly misjudged the public and how they will respond to their - er - ' demands '- and when you see what is actually in some of these plant based food products, you wouldn't want to eat that ether...

The propaganda that is fed to us each and every day about politics, religion, what to eat or not to eat and drink and think and say and live our lives by, is aimed at keeping things safe and easy and controllable BY THE STATE - ( and corporations ) and throwing a tantrum because someone is eating meat takes anyone's cause a few steps backward as people switch off to those glued to the roads, they switch off the those nagging them about the dangers of eating meat and they switch off to the constant moaning and the constant propaganda and just do their own thing, which is usually the easiest option.


Dear John. My boyfriend of 24 years was a vegetarian / vegan for over 20 of those years and it was difficult at first as I am and always will be a meat eater, and after he gave up trying to convert me, we settled into a lifestyle that suited us. We simply - almost never - eat out together and as it was harder in the past for vegies and vegans - we settled into eating at home all the time and rarely eating out - especially together.

However - He died of cancer of the stomach and oesophagus, sometimes called the gullet or food pipe and the doctors disbelieved at first that he was a vegan and assumed he had consumed tons of meat and dairy, and so much for that then. A very healthy eater died of cancer even though living a healthy diet lifestyle.

I miss him tons and all this brain washing about a healthy alternative, to me - is untrue at best and a damned lie at worst.



My Grandfather was vegetarian over 100 years ago now - He was the star of the village cricket and football teams. He was known all over for his athletic abilities and he didn't drink or smoke and lived a healthy lifestyle and this was way back before all the crap that is in our foods today as he died in 1922 - and he had Colon and Prostate cancers - usually - according to modern thinking, caused by the crap in our foods, which in some cases, is not always the reality and is not always factual.

20 years ago the adverts on the telly were that


Then a few years later it states


and I am sure you have all seen the recent adverts for cancer Research that now states


SO CLEARLY SOMETHING IS WRONG - AND DIET HAS TO BE PART OF THE PROBLEM, besides he Chernobyl accident in 1986 ( Russia ) and more recently Fukushima ( Japan ) now known as the worst nuclear disaster, and tens of thousands of tons of radiated water being released into the oceans to affect, globally, the food chain, besides what goes into the atmosphere. Diet is just one factor - but a very large factor, in play with the health of the planet and its people and the expression ' You are what you eat - is so true and this makes me a big fat jar of Marmite...

With vegan food stuff going out of fashion, I think sadly, and it is unfortunate - this will fade into the ether of space eventually and the radicals who hound us - bad - meat eaters, will go away and leave us alone.

BUT: We DO need to eat less meat. Too many cows. Too many pigs. Too many chickens alive at one time being cruelly treated and messing with the environment with their tons of shit and piss and farts and when you consider how many cows and pigs are farting, it DOES cause problems with the environment.

Josh M.


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