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To all those who think we gays are an abomination.

To all those who see everything connected to gay life, to be a 'Sign of the Devil.'

To all those whose religious beliefs denies LGBT even though God - Allah welcomes us ALL equally.

To all those who misread the Bible and make it say what they want it to say and not what it actually DOES say -

To those who wrongly think paedophiles are gay men when the truth is completely the opposite -

To all those men who so fear gay man when there really is no need, unless you yourself fear us because you are not sure of your own sexuality so damn and destroy out of your own inner fear;-

I wonder if - when you are having a fit because the local library or book store is supporting a Drag Act reading to children -

And when they rip down the Rainbow Flag - and show fear of anything with a rainbow on it - be it a flag, a bag, shoes , towels or underwear -

Do these people not realise that -

Even looking at a rainbow in the sky during a rain storm

Turns you


It's true. It really does. And the longer you marvel at it - the bigger a screamer you will be. This is God's way of making sure we keep the numbers up of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans. It is God's way of teaching the bigots how not to be a bigot, by turning them into the very thing they so revolt against.

As a gay man I rejoice when it rains on a sunny afternoon and there is a rainbow in the sky as it means a whole new batch of raw - and I mean raw - fuckable recruits to choose from and as we all just love the challenge of a raw newbie - never been touched except by the Hand of God whilst checking out the rainbow as WHAM - - HEY PRESTO - ABRACADABRA - or is it --- POOF....

Suddenly all these men start looking at each other a little differently.

Suddenly their dicks are getting hard at the sight of these other men.

Suddenly they are feeling all poetic, and start singing all sorts of theatrical musical numbers and want to re dress everyone with better taste and go cook a quiche.

And as for shopping.

Oh My God - It's as if these men have never shopped before as suddenly - they love this - and they adore that and -

' Oh My God have you seen these wonderful shoes. Aren't they just too gorgeous for words ???'

It's those damned rainbows in the sky.

They are dangerous.

Maybe some anti gay country - like America or Iraq, India or even Russia may come up with a way of destroying rainbows so this will stop the gays increasing. Maybe they will start blaming God and turning against the Almighty for being so LGBT friendly. Maybe they will say that God is a fag.

Or - maybe they will grow the fuck up, accept we are all different - Accept no religious writing is correct and no man can put another down for being different - as we are all different.

And those damned rainbows in the sky - so many new butts to enjoy ....

You just know some straight man will read this and assume it to be true and will act against in some manner showing his abject fear of anything rainbow - so a line of pretty colours so frightens grown men.

It really is sad for them to live a life so filled with fear - fear of sexuality which is meant to bring such joy and instead, it breeds resentment, jealousy and bitterness.

Gays have existed throughout history and the church damned and destroyed the visible gays on bonfires - tied together and anything that is bound together is called 'faggot', and the church in its wisdom made the gays hide in the closet, get married and have children and do PASS ON THE GAY GENE TO THE NEXT GENERATION.

So we are here

We are not queer - we are gay -

Get over it .

Oh and keep looking at the rainbows and just imagine all those straights suddenly turning gay .

Sweet dreams.

John Bellamy


copyright © 2023

Hamilton Hall Productions.

All rights reserved.


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