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“The Peter Tatchell Foundation takes on often difficult, neglected issues. It meets unmet needs. Please help us carry on our work.

Peter Tatchell, Director of the PTF

The Peter Tatchell Foundation

depends entirely on individual donations. We do not receive any statutory funding. Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated. No donation is too small for us.

Many LGBTQ have absolutely any idea about the fight many have endured so that the present LGBTQ community ( whatever and wherever that is ) can liVe a free life where marriage and relationships can be legalised, insurance and mortgages protected for the partner and all sorts of things that have changed since people like Peter Tatchell started opening his mouth and speaking up against the brutality of unjust laws against LGBTQ and it is HUGELY people like Peter Tatchell we have to thank from the bottom of our hearts for the work, the commitment and the dedication - his lifes work - in helping YOU AND I -

So donate to help.

Donate to show solidarity.

Donate to say thankyou to Peter.

Donate to help the journey continue

with scores of countries still murdering gay men.

There's a lot of work yet to do.

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