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we rarely value something until it is too late


All too often we do not appreciate something or someone until it is too late and they have gone from our lives.

Years after my Mothers death I was wondering something one day and thought I'd ask Mother as she'd know, but then remembered she had been dead for 10 years so I was stuck with no one to ask and I may now never know the answer to my questions.

We often think of our parents as - not good enough - not as intelligent - an embarrassment - someone to see every couple of weeks - and later on after they have passed we see things differently and wished we had been more sympathetic, more understanding and more appreciative of what it is like to bet old and be a ' has been' and realise we have grown into the very people we were bored with as kids - the elderly....

It seems appreciation of this only comes with age - and the young will learn it one day just as we had to learn it - THROUGH EXPERIENCE of getting old ourselves.

When a friend had his parents visit recently who are in their 80's, I did have to point out that they were doing their best and if their sons could not appreciate that - then one day when they are gone, they may regret being so impatient with them, and I think they heard my words as they changed their attitude towards the parents and began being a lot more appreciative of what they were doing - or trying to do - as at being in their 80's was not as easy and took a lot longer for them and being impatient with them was upsetting for them, and everything changed when they learned a little patience and understanding of what it must be like to be old.

Old age is not fun. Aches and pains. Slower at doing most things. Forgetful. Impatient at how fast the world has changed and left us behind. Seen

as a drain financially on services like the NHs and so much more.

Old age is not for sissy's - as Bette Davis said in a film once.


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