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‘We’re also taking part in this war,’ says Ukraine's LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQ+ soldiers are gaining acceptance in the Ukrainian military.

Written by Geneva Solutions

LGBTQ+ representatives within the Ukrainian army are rarely portrayed. In 2018, Viktor Pylypenko, an openly gay veteran of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion, decided to change that by forming LGBT Military, a union of military, veterans, and volunteers fighting for equal rights. This piece explores how his idea came about, alongside the stories of two other soldiers from the LGBTQ+ community that the union has helped to support.

This article by journalist Maryna Bakyevawas first published in Geneva Solutions. An edited version is republished here as part of a content-sharing agreement with Global Voices.

Hamilton Hall believes in the freedom of speech and this means the freedom to share important stories that change people views on subjects that can cause and create harm to others. If there is a news story that promotes understanding and a more peaceful way forward - be it about religion, LGBT - BLM - the NHS, - Trump / Boris or anything - then it should be easily and freely available. We will point people in the right direction to read the original piece so journalists risking their lives - and the news media who pay for these journalists and who support - should be paid and should receive the recognition they rightly deserve and should always be rewarded for their work as otherwise, none of us would be any the wiser.

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