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website hits from around the world.

My old web site from some years ago not only gave details of countries hitting on the web site, but itemized the US Military separately, and on average - got over 1,000 hits from the US Military EACH WEEK - not each month but EACH WEEK, and I can only assume it's because I mention Bush and Trump a lot - or did do, and I assume some may have been gay soldiers checking us out but - somehow - I think it is the military themselves, or at least Homeland Security checking up on anyone and everyone they feel may be a threat.

Me - A threat to the USA - GET YOU DEARY ?
The number next to the country is the number of hits to this web site made in that country in the last 30 days.
The numbers for Hamilton Hall are HUGE as most small venues like us receive no more than 500 - 1000 hits A YEAR - yet we outdo that EACH WEEK. People may say I talk a lot or am opinionated - yet that transfers to the HUGE amount of hits we get each month which are more in a single week than many MANY venues of our size get in a whole 12 month period, and here we are beating them each week.
We have a HUGE FOLLOWING all over the world and receive tons of e mails from all over, not just about the hotel but people I now chat with and ask about their country and gay life etc. and sometimes like a couple in Russia - were keen to keep in touch but the anti gay laws made them hide from the world and they had to stop e mailing me... it was too dangerous for them, and another series of e mails in Iraq a few years ago from a gay man whose gay brother had been murdered and he was running and hiding for his life, and after 6 weeks of communication, it stopped abruptly and I never heard again.
The power of the internet.
United Kingdom 3,860

United States 743

Australia 140

France 105

Canada 93

Spain 86

Ireland 74

Germany 69

Netherlands 41

New Zealand 36

Norway 33

Switzerland 27

Belgium 26

Greece 25

Mexico 19

India 19

Portugal 17

Italy 13

South Africa 12

Barbados 9

Philippines 8

Jersey 7

Austria 7

Croatia 6

Sweden 6

Russia 6

Israel 5

Pakistan 5

Poland 5

Mozambique 5

Sri Lanka 5

Romania 5

Guernsey 4

Finland 4

Malaysia 4

Thailand 3

United Arab Emirates 3

Hungary 3

Taiwan 3

Tanzania 3

Oman 2

Egypt 2

Bermuda 2

Trinidad and Tobago 1

Estonia 1

Gibraltar 1

Guam 1

Japan 1

Lebanon 1

Bangladesh 1

Colombia 1

Peru 1

Luxembourg 1

Saudi Arabia 1

Isle of Man 1

Indonesia 1

Georgia 1

Chile 1

Monaco 1

Qatar 1

Viet Nam 1

Serbia 1

Armenia 1

Denmark 1

Papua New Guinea 1

Algeria 1

Ghana 1

So there you have it. For old fogies like me who remember the days of hotel brochures being posted out to people and everything was done on the phone and by snail mail with a cheque where we had to wait for the cheque to clear through the bank before the booking was finalised and confirmed, and if after 2 weeks the cheque came back unpaid, it meant a mountain of extra work. ( Spell check on this computer also did not know the word CHEQUE and kept telling me is was miss spelled -which just goes to show that a whole generation knows nothing of what it was like for us fogies decades ago... )

This reminds me of the story of the teenagers taking the piss out of an old man saying -
'Old Timer - - How did you cope without mobile phones, the internet, wifi, ipads, lap tops, Sat Nav, hundreds of TV stations and all in HD and colour, Apple TV - Cordless phones and microwave ovens and so forth ? '
and the old boy answered...

Now with credit card and the internet it is instant and when people write through e mail and ask about - as happened today - 'How long is your promenade and can I run along it . ?' ( dumb question... ) I answered and told him to check out Google Earth and see it for himself. the whole thing.... as in CLICK HERE - and why was he asking me when the internet can even take him the entire length of the promenade and he can see it all for himself. It seems many are just lazy and still want to ask and when I then have to go to the internet to answer their question, much as they could have done themselves in the first place, it seems the one thing that never changes is the time wasters. As easy and as simple and child proof as we can possibly make it - there will always be those who want you to do the work for them.

The power of the internet.


John Bellamy




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