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Were you a sex workers in the 80's and 90's.

Hi John: Saw you on 3 IN A BED recently and recognised you from decades ago. You ran 30PLUS escorts and I was one of your guys.

You won't remember me but I am half Nigerian half Caucasian and you said I had one of the best dicks you had seen, being hung just under 10 inches.

Does that jog your memory ?

I am so pleased to see how well you have done since leaving the sex industry as sadly, it did not go so well for me.

I had saved enough money to buy 3 different flats in 3 different London boroughs and had mortgages on all 3. I then rented them out while claiming to be living in each of them myself and I was stupid enough to think I would get away with claiming unemployment and housing benefit at each, and for 3 years I got away with it - AND the tenants were paying the mortgages .

I was also doing really well as an escort as you promoted me widely as well as I had my own advert in Gay Times ( appalling rag ) and was doing really well and on my way to buying 2 more flats when I had a knock at the door one morning early which was to end my stupidity. Seems one of my tenants caught on as to what I was doing and reported me and I was arrested and taken to court and got two years jail time, which was hell for me.

I lost all the properties and any money I had saved was confiscated and taken to repay the monies I had falsely claimed in unemployment and housing benefit which was considerable.

It crushed me. After jail I had a real hard time getting back into the swing of things and tried the sex work again but my heart wasn't in it and by now you had moved and closed the agency and as I was now nearly 40, I rented a room and went back to college and trained to be a nurse and it is what I am still doing.

I was a fool and I remember you telling me not to fuck about and not to misbehave as clients and friends who are jealous of the money sex workers make will spill the beans if you do anything illegal and you were dead right. You paid tax on your income, I did not. You were always legit, while I was not, and like so many sex workers, I fucked up and it cost me dearly. On the 3 IN A BED programme I truly cried when I realised it was you and you look much the same as you did back in the 90's. Well done to you John - or as I knew you back then as Richard - and I shall come and visit you soon and we can chat about the old days when we were studs who got paid for our sex, oh and I remember you had a superb sex dungeon.

BOY do I remember that sex dungeon.

Seems so long ago for me now.

Do you remember any of this John ?



Martin's e mail and photo sent did ring a bell and I do remember warning him way back then to be sensible and keep it all above board which clearly, what people do to acquire money being the root of all evil, was to take him down the rabbit hole and destroy part of his life.

We have since corresponded and he gave his permission to use his e mail here.

This got me thinking.

Are there any readers out there who worked in the gay sex industry between 1985 and 2000 - the years when I was a worker and running the agency and did you work for me, did I represent you and how has life treated you since.

My agency was called 30PLUS and was based in Hammersmith and over the years there were hundreds of guys on the agency and everyone knew my house and sex dungeon as it was the only one available at that time.

Get in touch if you wish and it would be good to see how others have moved on from the sex industry and hopefully, stayed clear of any trouble and foolishness and stayed, like me - always totally legal.

I was known by the name Richard on the agency - Christopher in the dungeon and John in the massage room.

Does any of that ring a bell...?

John Bellamy



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