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What do you miss from your youth.

Most of us are a certain age - at least - over 40.

Many are retired.

Bette Davis said in a film ' Old age is is not for Cissy's.'

So share with us here some of the things you miss about being older.


THINGS I MISS Some things from me and some from you.

JB :- I shall start this off:

I miss all the good and decent people who died in the 80's from HIV - all my age at the time and all who died decades too young.

I miss my Parents and sister, all long dead.

Long black curly hair - Now its balding, short and mostly all white.

A waist line.

Wearing briefs on the beach and everyone looked as I was in my prime.

Bouncing out of bed - dressed and ready for work in 10 minutes.

Late night parties - all night some times, and still up for work at 7am.

Knowing what is current on ' The Hit Parade' - or 'The Charts.'

Since the divorce, I miss seeing my kids.

Planning ahead what / where I was going to do or visit on a weekend - Now I plan my TV schedule in advance.

My first lover when I was 16 and he was 45. Died of old age and I was still young.

Looking great in anything I wore, even when naked.

Sleeping in until late and not feeling guilty.

My wife and I were friends and now we are enemies and I miss our friendship.

Going out on a Saturday night and meeting friends. Having a job where I was not responsible.

No aches and pains.

Getting up late on a Sunday to find a roast lunch is ready.

I miss the days PRE HIV / AIDS when life seemed so much simpler.

No one constantly asking to borrow money, as I simply didn't have any.

No visits to the hospital for 'old mens checkups.'

Being the height of fashion and not just wearing what was / is comfortable.

I still had all my own teeth

Disco, It was the best era for music.

Night Clubs ( Disco's ) and dancing the night away.

I was horny 24/7

The police offered a decent service unlike now. Politicians seemed more professional.

We had a young vibrant Queen on the throne.

You could smoke in bars and restaurants. No kids were allowed in pubs and bars. There were also men only bars... and rightly so. Not gay, just men only.

Men and women knew their roles.

I was desirable and much in demand.

I turned heads.

I missed coming out and stayed in the closet.

I was HIV negative.

I hadn't married and had kids.

I had my parents to turn to for advise.

The summers were always long and hot. Time went by slowly.

I was keen to try almost anything.

I earned a fortune from long working days.

I was an avid reader but somehow, stopped along the way.

I was single.

I travelled a lot around Thailand, India, Australia and New Zealand.

I relied on others a lot of the time.

Never met a trans person. I answered only to myself.

I thought the gay scene was amazing.

Cruising in clubs on a weekend looking for sex.

Gay men were a lot less bitchy back then.

Never met a black man.

Less mental health on the gay scene.

No LGBTQA+ or any other 'them, he, she, ciss, pan etc. which absolutely confuses. I trekked around India for a year with a backpack.

People helped and guided me, Now I help and guide people in return.

I didn't lie about my age and use old photo's.

I trusted people.


Working for some asshole who is a bad boss.

Financial insecurity Wanting a boyfriend but not being able to find one.

Always wanting to be liked. ( I don't give a shit any more... )

I was shy back then and much quieter.

Being in awe of simple things.

Dreaming of seeing Streisand live. ( I eventually did - 5 times ) People disrespecting me because I was younger than them. Older people patronising me - looking down on me. Having people say ' You'll understand when you are older.' - Well I am now MUCH older and STILL do not understand...

My X wife.

Being naïve.

I was born a male and transitioned in the early 80's and never missed my penis.

Assuming everyone is nice.

Queuing in bars just to buy a drink.

My staff disrespected me because I was younger than them.

University. ( shudder )

I always worked long hours but back then it was for someone else and now it is for myself.

Being trans, the negative attitude from gay men.

Being broke.

Wearing tight trousers that showed my religion.

Being an apprentice and being given all the shitty jobs.

Nervous in my own skin.

Relying on others for a lift or take the bus.

Not understanding world affairs. Party Party Party.

Hard drugs.

Drunken nights where you wake up and have absolutely no recollection of the night before.

Queueing to get into a night club like Heaven and then getting attitude from the doorman.

Being overdrawn at the bank.

Wishing I was not so shy. Wishing I was like others.

Some of these are from me and most are from you guys. Thanks for your input and as ever, keep your bits and bobs coming in for the Blog.


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